Hanging out with the stars...fame by proxy. What an Aussie!

On first meeting you may well think that Geoff the Aussie is just another loud-mouthed Australian who thinks he knows everything about everything and is impossible to get along with. When you get to know him however you will find that this first impression was far too generous!

Horrible...but HAPPY!

Geoff’s abrasive personality can only be the result of being physically tortured for years on end during childhood, treatment we are positive he deserved. Decades of very expensive over-education ended with him being expelled from every school in Australia; virtually all the misbehaviour being focussed on two wheels or girls…problems that follow him to this day.

the truth is out...Richard, Bardy and Geoff the Aussie

After Geoff got out of gaol he decided that he would prove all his nay-sayers wrong by cheating his way through a Sports Science degree. By this point he was fairly accomplished at Martial Arts and long distance Running. We suspect these skills were developed in gaol as survival mechanisms (what situations one can’t fix the other will) to compensate for his big mouth, but certainly his new degree enhanced his training methods and performance, just as his big mouth required their development to survive.

Seems happy to be killing stuff

Having accomplished a fair amount of fame and recognition (well…notoriety at least) within the Sport and Fitness area of Australia he decided that another degree was in order.

Shimano Powered Aussie

Having yet more big headed letters after his name, he buggered off to the UK to buy a Land Rover and drive through Africa…with INTERPOL hot on his tail. Nobody can say exactly why, but it is rumoured that two wheels and girls are involved (what a surprise).

Hiding in the grass...just like a Race Snake

A couple of years of pursuit by INTERPOL through every country in Africa ended with him seeking Asylum in SA. He thought it was Political Asylum, but the government was thinking more along the lines of Mental Asylum, so Geoff has been keeping a VERY low profile for the last decade.


In 1999 Geoff and the then “girl of his dreams” Samantha left for Australia via the United States.

After an initially very humbling educational experience with regard Mountainbike Riding, both ended up doing very well on a State (Florida and Colorado) and World level.

Samantha, eventually tired of everything to do with Geoff the Aussie (like the rest of us), decided to marry a local in the USA and forgo the trip to Australia.

Thus, Geoff the Aussie returned to SA to start building Bike Parks.

The rumours about his funny walk and lack of riding ability being due to a injury caused by his big mouth (running and martial arts) are untrue. All Australians develop this walk as they get older due to recessive DNA throwing back to days of dragging a ball and chain, days that Geoff the Aussie can remember more clearly and recently than most of his countrymen!

Bionic Aussie - and you thought he looked scary IN lycra

Geoff seems to be modelling himself on Floyd Landis in an attempt to beat Andrew Mclean on a bike, but his known criminal record and country on origin will subject him to close drug testing and examination by X-Ray. We know he wants to fit a motor to this new hip!

The Aussie seems to have lost some weight