Jonas is one of the "Evil Trail Building Pixies" who take delight in manufacturing ever more challenging obstacles for all to ride.

His riding career started in the normally peaceful surrounds of Tzaneen, but as soon as Jonas got his first BMX the peace and quiet came to a grinding halt as he sought out ever bigger and more impressive things to jump off to impress the local girls.

When Jonas reached High School age he moved to Johannesburg to attend a private school, where his notoriety as the “mad kid on the bike” continued.

After leaving school Jonas wandered around going from job to job searching for something that was missing from his life, but as for many young men before him, unsure what it was. In Jonas’ case it turned out to be 26” wheels attached to a 27 speed drive train.

Jonas took to Cult Cycling and building Bike Havens like a duck to water and can be seen wizzing around the trails at Logwood on his GT Avalanche virtually any day of the week.

If you can keep up, then don’t hesitate to have a chat!

Jonas is the Evil Pixie on the right...with 3 of his cohorts in crime