Josh Liebenberg

Only Happy on two 26" Wheels

Josh Liebenberg is our Advanced Rider Instructor

Contemplating the "Christening Ride" on North Shore

You may well ask what type of psychiatric disorder qualifies someone to this position…and the short answer is that we don’t know and we don’t want to know. As long as Josh keeps taking the medication all is well.

It takes something special to do this stuff the very first time

Josh’s tale is not a twisted one; born on the first of March in the Orwellian year of 1984, Josh had a reasonably happy childhood riding bikes and being loved by his family…so that’s not what happened to disturb him, although his brother Frank does have a suspicious love of all things high and skinny and dangerous (girls included) that Josh shares so perhaps the clue is there after all!!

Going Down

Does anyone know enough about astrology to offer clues from that source perhaps?

You Wanna Know How Big it Is?

His love affair with true Mountainbikes (as opposed to 20” wheel bikes which were always too small for a big lad like Josh) began with a Trek 800 Trail. The next step along the road was a Gary Fisher Supercaliber. So smitten was he with the Fisher that when the new model came out in 2001he promptly upgraded to the latest bling version…what a bike!

That's how BIG! Note Josh is on a XC race bike

The only thing that got him off the Fisher finally was the release of the Trek 8500. Having a serious XC addiction in full swing, the super light, super stiff Trek just caught his eye and held it. This particular bike is being rebuilt by Josh at the minute…one of his all-time favorites, but with 2007 hardware.

This is little brother Frank. Wadda you think, is it in the genes?

Josh’s current stable include:

Specialized Epic MTB

Trek T.I. 24 BMX

Raleigh RC 6000 ROAD (no serious XC race snake can be without a road bike)

Mummy, why is his number board all bent out of shape?

The fact that Josh is in his third year of a B.Comm degree seems to suggest he must have a “normal side” and be reasonably bright, but the fact that North Shore and Sugar Bowl are his favorite trails at Logwood Bike Haven seem to contradict this.

It would seem that closer examination of Josh does reveal he is a bit of an enigma, a veritable bundle of contradictions (as most mtbers are). His most favorite food in the world (of which he can ingest copious amounts…near legendary) is good old traditional South African Braai; but he wont be getting much of that if he lives his dreams to ride Whistler and Moab because these two “Mecca” locations of the mtb world are VERY difficult to leave and the North American continent (Canada and the USA) know nothing about how to have a decent Braai…or a decent beer for that matter!

Being a tech head, Josh has quite a long list of bikes he really really really wants to add to his stable (all sponsors listening?). These include:

  • Santa Cruz Bullit
  • Santa Cruz Superlight
  • Mongoose Thunderball
  • Kona Stab Primo and Stinky
  • Trek STP

He also wants another Gary Fisher Supercaliber to keep and a Sugar to throw into the mix. Bike lust knows no bounds.

Rainy days will most often find Josh on his bike getting wet, but after that you are liable to find him watching anything from the New World Disorder series of MTB films, or perhaps JIB or Outer Extremities if he is feeling a little nostalgic (Josh tells us we “gotta love the old school”).

Not being a Trust Fund Baby, Josh pays his way through University by working at F.I.T. Sports, who offer a truly remarkable range of high quality nutritional training supplements, as well as some very nice Canadian clothing from Louis Garneau, which is thought of in the same frame of reference as Pearl Izumi.

During his formative years he was kept out of juvenile detention centers by being conscripted into child labor in various bike shops around Joburg.

Josh has become almost infamous in XC circles for his Troy Lee Design gloves that started life as terrible looking white things that only Josh could love, and are now some other color that is worse. These gloves have an aroma suggestive of road-kill on day 3 that daily washing doesn’t seem to cure completely. There has been a UCI ruling against these gloves as laboratory experiments show that they can prevent absorption of oxygen into the bloodstream of riders attempting to pass Josh. Regardless, he loves them and insists on wearing them always (even to bed)…love Josh, love his gloves.