Skill Rating: Blue 4

It all Begins Here

My good friend Bill Wilson tells me there is nothing much in life that he can’t manage with the help the 12 Steps. Being a stupid Aussie I don’t quite understand what he means, but he’s a pretty wise old fella so I will just take his word for it.

Like a Toboggin Run on Dirt

Having said that, the 12 Steps can only be accessed from Kitchen Sink, the trail whose name sums up the spirit of all that life can throw at you.

Flat out like a lizard drinking

The initial section is comprised of high speed bermed turns that gradually get tighter and tighter, and then begin to have smooth (but large) mounds in front of them; and then after them too!

Fun Fun Fun! Mike the Bike

The first of the many steps is ginormous (well sort of), but at least it’s a step down rather than up. This step and all that follow should be approached fast with your weight back!

During Construction

There is one truly large and steep (both up and down) mound in the trail that also requires caution. The entrance to Switch Back is on the down side of this mound if you turn to the right at the fork. Staying left will take you to possibly the fastest and most fun berm at Logwood Bike Haven just before the exit.

We built like termites after rain

If you would like some tips on how to ride berms and humps and other trail features just go to the REGISTER button and grab a password. It’s free and then you will access menus that you cannot see now with text, pictures and video instruction.

Nasty work for a nasty bloke