Club 100 Chicks Rock


Riding Skill Rating: Blue 2

Surely not a Roadie! And Having fun!!

The Inner Circle splits off from Green Cathedral, and is only accessible from that trail. The character of Inner Circle is very similar to our favourite Green Cathedral, but it does have some tighter bends.

Down and Dirty

There is also a table top mound that has a bermed right hand bend immediately afterward that will inspire caution in most riders, before turning in amongst some saplings that require good piloting skills at speed.

Looks Scary

The real killer is the very long and very skinny bridge leading over a dry stream bed (well usually dry anyhow) that is about 1.5 meters up. Choose your line well and approach straight and with confidence.

Want Some Tips? Ask the Experts!

If you would like some tips on how to ride berms and humps and other trail features just go to the REGISTER button and grab a password. It’s free and then you will access menus that you cannot see now with text, pictures and video instruction.