Skill Rating: Black 2

Going Down! But Big!

This is one of the most popular XC training routes on Logwood Bike Haven despite being originally developed for the Dirt Jump Crew; a real favourite with the race snakes. It’s also ideal for those folks looking to develop the skills required to ride Sugar Bowl, North Shore and The Dark Side.

Thor goes beserk

After climbing Heartbreak Hill on the Main Drag you will reach the entrance to Maelstrom coming off to the left at the very top. At this point any downhill section would be welcome, but those choosing to enter Maelstrom are in for a real downhill treat.

Singletrack and more singletrack

The initial circular bend brings you onto a mound that will require all your reflexes to get right even though not particularly large. The next one is even more fun because by then you tend to have accumulated speed and it becomes a launch rather than a mound!

Air is good!!!

More humps at speed follow!

Boyz will be Boyz

Finally the trail splits into 3.

Bigger and Bigger

The XC guys want to take the far right split, as this leads across 4 table tops of a size doable on a XC bike.

Doing the Logwood Bike Haven weather report

The middle and left splits are for the folks who are really looking for huge air on Jump Bikes. Here we have a couple of six packs that would test any rider from anywhere in the world. The centre run is MEDIUM SIZED and the left run is HUGE.

Crazy Big!

The MEDIUM SIZED and HUGE options separate from the rest of Maelstrom at this point and have their own exit so that Dirt Jumpers can go straight back to the entrance and do it again.

Helium filled frame????

The XC riders who have taken the table tops will pass the entrance to Inner Vortex and continue down through a super fast section in the trees. The trail will pass an entrance to North Shore at this point. Riders who take this entrance can climb the dam wall into North shore and either play in that trail or turn right at the top of the climb (rather than take the Decent From Hell) and follow the top of the dam wall.

Something has certainly got air in it-you decide what!

This will lead you to another entrance to Maelstrom that begins with a big Vertical Wall Drop (known as The Vert). If you can’t ride this there is a chicken run back onto the Main Drag.

Elevator-Going Down. The Vert

If you don’t take the entrance to North Shore at the split, the trail climbs the dam wall anyhow (you will climb no matter what) and then heads straight down again, through a massive berm and into the trees again.

Everyone Loves this jump

This section then splits again (we didn’t say you couldn’t get lost).

Full Body English Required at Speed

The right fork leads into North Shore and Zombie Birdhouse.

Veiw from the top of the Maelstrom Vert

The left fork is the continuation of Maelstrom, and heads down to a long wooden bridge. This bridge, The Maelstrom Bridge, is designed to be a skill development tool for North Shore and The Dark Side. It is mostly quite wide, but repeatedly narrows at certain sections to enable riders to overcome the mental aspect of bridge riding…the bit that messes with your head!

Flying through the air looks like fun...its the landings that unhinge me

At the end of this bridge comes a transverse climb that is steep on the up, and predictably enough, very steep on the down too!

After this descent you will have time to pick up speed for the climb up the first bridge into The Dark Side if you choose to take this entrance to the right, or you can simply exit onto the Main Drag.

If you would like some tips on how to ride berms and humps and other trail features just go to the REGISTER button and grab a password. It’s free and then you will access menus that you cannot see now with text, pictures and video instruction.