Skill Rating: Black 1

Switchback can only be accessed from 12 Steps and The Dark Side.

During Construction

The entrance from The Dark Side can be found by taking the right fork on the roof of the materiel store building and following the bridge over The Main Drag and riding the “Roller Coaster” to enter at a speed of Warp Factor 7.

Before anything grew

The entrance from 12 Steps is immediately after the big mound and requires nerves of steel and fast reactions to negotiate. It starts with a high speed right berm that takes you over a smaller mound.

Switchback after Switchback

is all about pacing yourself on the flatter sections (unless you have legs like pistons) so that you can apply large amounts of power where required on the steep short climbs that immediately follow sharp bends. These bends are all bermed and you can carry tons of speed in them if you dare…but if not get ready for some tough climbs.

Things get green

If you would like some tips on how to ride berms and humps and other trail features just go to the REGISTER button and grab a password. It’s free and then you will access menus that you cannot see now with text, pictures and video instruction.