Skill Rating: Blue 4

Thys Dullaart In mtb trail heaven. Single track, single track, single track

Fast and furious forest riding at it’s best! As soon as you enter you are in the trees surrounding the North Shore of the dam.

Forest Riding at its best

A left hand bend switches straight back to become a right and then winds through a series of horseshoe bends that lead under the 5 meter bridge that crosses from Dark Side to North Shore (both Experts only areas, but great to watch).

The dreaded Dark Side Bridge

You are then led across a bridge of your own that will take you out of the forest and into some grassland before winding under a copse of Seringa trees and then a fast winding downhill back into the forest…in fact into some really dark forest with very large and old trees.

Hooligans of the Future

The Dustbowl Mound

What goes down must go back up again, and inevitably the trail leads back into the highveld grassland. From this point on you will begin to encounter mounds and turns, and sometimes both together. After the huge “Dustbowl Mound” you will be into a younger forest area that will take you onto the dam wall before passing the first exit to Zombie Birdhouse.

Fast is Good from here onThe route you have travelled to this point is called Zombie Short, and can said to be really a Blue 2. From this point on you are taking on Zombie Long and encountering the Blue 4 in all its glory.

After passing the exit for Zombie Short you will cross a sleeper bridge with a drop off exit and pass up onto the dam wall, only to immediately face a hairpin right hander that descends the dam wall on the other side and immediately into dense trees and a dark twisty section of trail.

Heading for Zombie Short

This climbs the dam again through a twisty cut out section and descends the other side in a nasty off-camber diagonal drop. More twists take you back up onto the dam wall, another hairpin takes you down the other side again with a drop off onto a thick root (best to just clear it completely as there isn’t any way to ride on it safely) and into a huge circular berm that sends you up a cut-away onto the dam again.

Approach this climb with as much speed as your legs can generate, but remember the drop on the other side to the exit is STEEP.

Thys Dullaart takes his life in his hands on the drop off in the single track trail of Zombie

Just before you enter the exit gate you will pass the entrance to the Dark Side.

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