Gauteng Provincial XC No. 5

As the whole civilised world now knows, Logwood Bike Haven has been named as the venue for the 5th 2008 Gauteng Cross Country race.

This will happen on Saturday the 21st of June. The whole world will stop and Logwood will be closed for general riding.

Scary Arn't They

If you suddenly get cold feet when you hear the word "Provincial" and start remembering school rugby and athletics where you need to be invited to participate after a qualification process, think again.

This is the wonderful informal world of mountain biking, and that means Provincial Cross Country (XC) is just a full on blast on single track that has age and skill categories that are designed to keep it BIG FUN for everyone by ensuring that you are only racing against your peers.

For the Short People

Another Future Super Chick

For the Nippers (U10) we have a Special Course and a Special Race Entry rate. The Nippers will race as soon as the Sprogs finish. The Course fo rthe Nippers will begin at the Start line and head into Kitchen Sink. Upon exiting Kitchen Sink, Nippers will do a tight U-Turn and head back up to Organ Grinder short to finish. Special Nipper Entries will be R20 payable on the day, but please send an email to to register before hand.

f you are U13 then you can line up with the Sprogs (Boyz n Girlz race together) and you will have your own special course that you will only share with the Fun Ride men and women.

For the 13and 14 year olds who are the next generation of powerhouse riders coming through, the Sub Junior Boys and Girls category is waiting just for you. From this point on, the guys and the girls don’t race together, cause lets face it, men and women are different.

Youth Men and Women are aged 15 and 16.

Junior Men and Junior Women
is a somewhat misleading term to all us old folks. These guys are 17 and 18 years old, with all the exuberance that youth brings with it, they are likely to embarrass us more mature folk.

The U23 Men and women are aged from 19 to 22. These young lions are scary, and feature some of the best riders in SA. 

Are you sure you want to race in the Pro Cat

It is for this very reason that we divide the Adult Classes into more meaningful sub divisions. Your racing age is your age on the 30th of December this year, so check your ID book and do some math and see from the table below where you fit into the whole flying circus.


Adult Age Categories


Senior Men & Women

23 – 29

Sub Veteran Men & Women

30 – 39

Veteran Men & Women

40 - 49

Master Men & Women

50 - 59

Intermediate Men & Women


Fun Rider Men & Women


If you are not too interested in a mid life crisis and forging your name as a middle age athlete (hehehe) then the Fun Ride might be just the ticket. Fun  Riders will complete the same route as the Sprogs which is a fairly flat route, but the faster you go the more corners there seem to be. This means the Sprogs usually find it twisty and the Fun Riders find it pretty. Each to their own!


The stepping stone Category between Fun Riders and Age Cat Racers is Intermediate. This is a “Racing Cat” with no age sub-divisions. You just need to be 19 or over.


Awards Ceremony for each category will be held at the end of each race so you don’t need to stand around all day. Us older folks are usually looking for a hot bath and some TLC at the end of our racing, and the younger ones can’t stand still for more than 2 minutes, so its best to get all the GLORY we have trained so hard for awarded immediately.


All participants need to be at Logwood Bike Haven 60 minutes before the beginning of their race to check in and get number boards. Line entries will be possible but it is way cheaper to register at ONLINE ENTRIES. They also have other really cool mtb events that you can join in with!




LINE ENTRIES:          R120


And now for the real information that everyone has been waiting for....




All Categories will start with “shakedown lap”. From the Start Banner outside the Clubhouse> head down to the T-Intersection and turn left> thence to the Perimeter Road and left again> flat out sprint up the little rise> into Organ Grinder Short> back to the Start/Finish to begin you “Race Lap Count”.

Sprogs and Fun Riders


Into Showtime> exit Showtime and U turn back toward the entrance to Green Cathedral> complete Green Cathedral exiting near the Tool Shed> head back up to Organ Ginder (short) and back to the Start/Finish.


All other Categories


Into Kitchen Sink> take the 12 Steps Turn off> exit 12 Steps and enter Zombie Birdhouse (long)> exit Zombie (2nd exit) and power down the Main Drag and up Heart Break Hill> half way up turn left into Sugar Bowl> complete Sugar Bowl without the infamous Sugar Bowl Bridge (there is a compulsory chicken run along the dam wall)> a short extra bit of Heart Break Hill takes you to Maelstrom> enter Maelstrom and take the right split over the 4 little mounds> enter Inner Vortex> exit Inner Vortex and take the North Shore turn off to climb the Dam wall (don’t worry, you will come back down just now)> U turn at the top of the climb toward the Diadora Dropoff> Down the Diadora Dropoff (there’s no chicken run, but its easier than anything at Fountains) and up the remaining section of Maelstrom> exit at the top of the climb and enter Dorothy’s Tree> Exit Dorothy’s Tree and follow the Main Drag all the way to Organ Grinder Short> exit Organ Grinder Short and back to the Start/Finish for one lap.









Fun Riders




Senior & Pro Women(inc U23)

4 & 5 respectively


Sub Vet Women



Vet Women



Master Women




Junior Women



Sub Junior Women




Senior & Pro Men (inc U23)

6 & 7 respectively


Sub Vet Men



Vet Men



Master Men




Junior Men



Sub Junior Men




Intermediate Women



Intermediate Men