Babbas Lodge: Bio-Anabolics Big 5 Marathon Series

On Sunday the 14/3/2011 I headed out to the Babbas Lodge race just north of Pretoria. This series has been going for years and I am ashamed to say that being a local boy I have never been to one of them. I was expecting a pokey little event out in the bushes but instead there was a huge turn-out which even included the Super Cycling tv crew!

This race was very flat and fast and after the 2km neutral zone on the tar I was soon on the rev limiter mud flapping on the back of about 10riders. It took me about 10km to get my breath back before I moved up through the bunch to get into a better position to make some racing happen. Finally there was a slight incline where I put my head down and made my presence known which was accepted by various counter attacks and blood-out-of-eyeballs accelerations. When I got a chance to look around our group was down to 4!

Turns out there was a small section of technical near the 20km mark and not sure how I would fair against the 29ers on this I moved to the front so I could choose out some smoother lines. This paid off as by the top of the next rise I was on my own, probably was not the best tactic! I would be on my own to the finish on this very flat course and with a strong breeze from the front it was going to take some effort to stay away from the group. I was here for a workout though so put my head down and kept the revs up finishing in first with a slight lead.

This was a nice way to get in some speed before the next few weeks of serious racing as with all the training the team has been doing it was great to be able to get out and do what we do – that is to race. It is also nice to do the odd race that doesn’t require Vaseline before the start! It was great to get to catch up with supporters and competitors alike and the organizers always love when we come to these smaller events.

Next week: S.A. marathon champs and the week after that a small tour around the cape!


Paul Cordes

MTN Qhubeka