G'Day Fellow Mountain Bikers,


It would seem that the subliminal messages put onto the side of breakfast cereal boxes saying "IT'S THE OLYMPICS THIS YEAR, TRY RACING MTB CROSS COUNTRY" have worked. There are entries from as far afield as Limpopo and the Free State. So, unless you dwell in the swamp at the downhill side of Diepsloot (and there are entries from the uphill side) you have already entered for one of the many classes and categories that have been specifically put in place to make racing fun for everyone.

For all the details just follow the breadcrumbs, and to enter just click here. Entering online is almost half the price of being totally disorganized and trying to enter on the day. We can help you out with Line Entries, but you will pay for our stress.

Naturally Logwood Bike Haven will be closed for general riding on Saturday, but things will be back to normal on Sunday.

The Mr Fixit 101 last Saturday was great fun. There are a whole new generation of Commercial Bankers and Lawyers who are going to quit their professions and become bike shop mechanics, so there is hope for the rest of us yet. Please be aware that "giving your bike to the maid to wash" was universally voted by all participants as the most LAME thing possible in mtbing.

The Mugg & Bean 101 Skills Clinic on Sunday was a hoot as always. Many thanks to the M&B MTB Club for subsidizing 50% of everybody's fees (except M&B Members who attend free) and congratulations are in order to the super duper hot chicks who were braver than all the boys put together. Respect! The bookings for the next M&B 101 are open!

Speaking of Hot Chicks, the Women Specific Design dates have been set, and registrations are open. Just follow the link to check out the details and to register.

The Kidz Clinic dates are also set and bookings are open. Be super quick with this though, as it fills FAST.

There have been some organizational changes on the Cult Cycling website to accommodate the imminent opening of the Toyota MTN Cycle Park in Fourways (think lotsa single track, beginner/intermediate/advanced Free Ride, BMX, Dirt Jumps and family trails too). Under Cycling News, we now have Road Racing, MTB, and BMX. We would like to add in a Track page too, but those guys are even weirder than the Roadies.

Paul Cordes from TEAM IMC Reaction has been spending some time with thee lunatics that ride bikes without brakes, and it sure has made him fast, but that may be just because he took the brakes off his mountain bike to make it lighter. Paul and Richard Beswick (Team Fox) are both messed up Weight Weenies who belong together. When the Team Dolphin guys rode in the Epic without tyres (just rims) you could see the mental calculations on weight saving going on in both their superlite brains.

Speaking of Team Dolphin, check this out!

If you want to protest the poor state of the nation by not participating in any work at the office, just check this little goody out that deals with MTB Clubs. I am told that there was a time when not working was considered a very effective way to bring down the government, and it seems to have worked back then. Given my renowned lack of respect for the government and work both, I think I will adopt this as a religion!

There have been quite a few interesting goings on in the world of Skinny Tyres and White Socks. For those of your friends with both of the fatal attractions (and no credit left on budget) check out what Johan Bruyneel has to say, What the NEW MADONE is doing to everyone else and Mr Contador confirming his Olympic Games participation.

The Big Induna results are up. If ever there was a well deserved result that it was this one. The girls race was a thriller too. If Women's Road Racing was this exciting there would probably be more people who actually sat on the edge of their chair during it. I think the Girl Roadies should abandon their white sox (and all their other clothing, much like Marie Antoinette when moving from Austria to France ) and come across to the Dark Side. The world of single track awaits!

I will send through some more news of the cycling world soon, and you will finds lots of new pages in the Cycling News menu now.

Keep the rubber side down,

Geoff the Aussie