G'Day Fellow Mountain Bikers,

In 1987 I was still racing motorcycles and had never heard of Gary Fisher even though he had already made a name for himself amongst what was to become my Tribe of Mountain Bikers. By 1997 he was recognized as one of our Tribal Elders, and I harboured secret (very secret) ambitions of Gary deciding to form a Masters Race Team as renowned as the Subaru Fisher Team, and me being picked to be on it.

As time passed I came to realise that nobody much cares what the Masters (30+ in UCI terms) get up to, and even an old fart like Gary wasn't going to put together a mtb mteam of old farts, and even if he did I likely wasn't going to be on it. My Fisher Fantasies switched to the more predictable "me and Paula Pezzo for just one night" variety and my therapist thought we had made a huge step toward reality.

In more recent years the medication hasn't been working as well, and I started to have dreams and aspirations of putting something back into the sport I love so much, and perhaps being thought of in terms of the "local version" of Gary, a bit odd, but such an innovator that even the most conservative choose to overlook it.

As my therapist says, " It takes more than a couple of tattoos and some hair dye to make you Gary Fisher you idiot." As always she was right, and I couldn't even crack an invitation to the South African 2008 Gary Fisher product launch being held in Joburg next week. My therapist keeps saying "Lets face it, you're not exactly relevant. Get a grip!"

Gary is going all over the country meeting folks in SA this coming week, and if you would like to meet the man himself, one place you can do it will be at Logwood Bike Haven on Saturday the 6th for a couple of hours from 1 pm.

There are tons and tons of photos from the Price Waterhouse Coopers 2007 Sports Day up on the site. PWC spent the day doing a Team Relay and some individual XC racing for food and beer as prizes. A great time was had by all, and the PWC MTB Crew have thrown down the gauntlet to the rest of the Big 4 accounting firms. I believe they said something like wanting to kick their butts till their nose bleeds in mountain biking, just like everything else.

If you know anybody from "those other nameless firms" who isn't riding in a blouse and would like to organise a showdown, just send me a mail.

The results from the Juicy Lucy WORCS - Round 1 are up and there sure were some surprises. It would appear that Bryce Munro scared all the pro men very badly when they heard he was racing in their category. He scared them so badly in fact that only a really brave-hearted few actually appeared (Marias and Phillip from Team Commencal) to take him on.

During the race, Bryce took 40 seconds off the previous all time course lap record set by Richard “I Used to be Fast and Famous” Beswick during the Cycle Lab Annual Trophy. No wonder there were so many folks from the pro ranks who had entered but elected not to start on the day.

It could be argued that South Africa is blessed to have just one Burry Stander (Mr Price GT) who looks set to be a World Champion XC Racer, but I predict that Bryce Munro (Fritz, but he will see the light soon) has the potential to eclipse Burry. Things get inspiringly exciting for the future of SA XC when you consider that Tim Munro came third to Bryce and he is still racing sprogs, and Michael Casey (M&B, of the infamous Casey Boyz) was running second and catching Bryce when he snapped his chain.

Colin Germs (M&B) was also caught by Bryce and the last thing he said before he started sliding along the ground on his back was "he may catch me but getting past is another story". I believe that Bryce's attendance at the World XC Championships a few weeks ago probably prepared him for whatever Colin was planning. All we could hear in the Recovery Zone was Bryce laughing as he rode away.

Whilst its always fun to pick on Germsy a little, it has to be said that he and the 30 or so other Muggers there sure did put in a strong performance and dominated the podium and the track. We have a strong contingent of “Take no Prisoners” XC Racers (note capitals), as well as a good natured bunch of mid-field riders who seem to have a ball and are very happy to finish after a challenging ride.

The free beer was definitely a cause in the Muggers doing so well I feel. They wanted to be first back to the Recovery Zone and straight into the ice tub.

Rynaard van Hoven (Team Commencal) put in a tradesman-like display to dismantle all opposition in the Sub Vet Men. Stuart Carliell (Club 100) and Thys Dullaart (neither of whom are anything less than exceptionally fast and technically skilled) showed true grit to keep chasing to the line a rider who was demonstrably in a class of his own.

John "Coffin Dodger" Runciman (M&B) also performed like a machine and the times don't really show how smooth and at his ease his riding was. An inspiration for many youngsters.

Marlene van Heerden also posted lap times that must be inspiring/demoralising to the menfolk, depending on their outlook on life, whilst winning the Master Women.

Dorette Crous (M&B) won the Pro Women purse, after working from sunrise to put the event on.

All in all a fantastic day thanks to Juicy Lucy, with many very promising junior riders coming to the attention of the "powers that be". Lots of those special fizzy malt smoothies were consumed by the over 18 crowd, and a generally raucous time ensued. By the time we were tearing the bunting tape down so the non racing riders could have some fun, the racers were all asleep under the tree in the Recovery Zone.

All the photos from the racing will be posted soon. I will send you a link when they are. Till then, keep the rubber side down.

Geoff the Aussie