Geoff the Aussie’s Weekly Rant

G’Day fellow Mountainbikers,

I gotta confess to feeling a little like a character (albeit a minor one) in one of the classic Greek tragedy plays that involve the gods imposing their will on mere mortals in order to educate, or remind said mortals of some important truth; a story with a moral!

Through a series of misadventures involving a stupid old Aussie, a camera and a wooden structure 5.5 meters off the ground leading from The Dark Side into North Shore (crossing Zombie Birdhouse) my thoroughbred XC race bike (which was never built for such use) is now a mangled heap sitting in the workshop area of Westrand Cycles with Ebon and the boys doing their best to perform a miracle.

Thus, this left me plenty of time to feel sorry for myself, and having become bored with that actually start to look around at stuff happening in front of my very eyes. I can only put my previous myopia down to heart rate monitor induced tunnel vision. I seem to have become too much of a race snake. Is that actually possible?

Mountainbikers are impossible to organise. This is a law of the universe. We all know this from sitting alone in endless car parks all over the place waiting for 3 of our friends to arrive for a ride that never happens. Are we commitment challenged? We could always ask our spouse’s opinion!

But on Saturday afternoon I watched a group of what seemed to be 12 families, with nothing in common but a love of the outdoors and riding bikes in it, hire out Logwood Bike Haven, ride the place flat (especially the 3 little girls dressed in pink and purple who were dropping full grown men at will in Organ Grinder) and then set out a huge meal in the Clubhouse and watch big screen extreme Freeride DVD’s well into the night.

I put it down to a social anomaly.

Sunday morning put a spanner in the works of that theory. Club Super Cycling/Mugg & Bean Mtb arrived with the sun and started setting up jumping castles, a DJ for music, tables and tables of food and decided that they wanted the Bike Haven open for the day for events and games and general fun. So after feeding the multitudes they picked up the tab on that too regardless of club membership or not! I’m impressed, where do I sign up. I like these guys already (will race for food, will do anything if it’s free).

I started to form a theory that Mountainbikers are more social than other riders. The real problem with that was the number of folks in Cycle Lab club kit that were having a ball around the place and didn’t have near enough scars to be Mountainbikers.

Perhaps it’s just a “bike thing” and I’ve been missing out.

Thursday Logwood Bike Haven will stay open till 10.00pm to accommodate those insane folks from Pretoria who are known as Dark n Dirty. They are having a huge bonfire in the carpark and that will finish when it finishes. There is even a rumour getting about chronicling the impending invasion of Club 100 MTB who are also known to like to do it with the lights on.

This doesn’t seem to be about just riding. Certainly not how far or how fast. Most of the action seems to take place off the trails. A whole new world is opening up. I am being reminded of why I started with this sport which is much more than a sport or a hobby.

I love everything about it! I have learned everything that is important in life through the medium of two wheels.

Keep the rubber side down,

Geoff the Aussie

PS: If getting this annoyed or bored you just reply with the word UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject line and I’ll take you off the list and send you a bill for the therapy that your rejection required. The self help books aren’t cutting it.