Geoff the Aussie – The Weekly Rant

G’Day fellow Mountainbikers,

It’s been far too long since I invaded your inbox, but in the fullness of time it will probably all work out for the better.

The first thing I want to tell you about is the ALL NEW AND IMPROVED WEBSITE!

If something has wheels, and most especially 2 wheels, then I can usually tell you a thing or two about it. Computers don’t have wheels. This makes them inferior pieces of technology. This having been established, the reason I have just spent a month and a half learning the basic sort of skills that any 12 year old has on a computer is so that I don’t have to ride to your office on my bike and bug you with my raving…so I guess these computer things are not completely without uses.

When you first go to the website the first thing you’ll notice is lots and lots of photos. If you know that I have incriminating photographic evidence of super dumb escapades on a bike concerning you, and they are not on the website already, then for a very reasonable fee I can be convinced to lose said photographs…details of bank account to follow.

The second thing you’ll notice is lots and lots of pages that are waiting for content to go in them. Please cut me some slack here. I keep putting the stuff in as fast as I can, but at the end of the day keeping the trails at the Bike Haven open and in good riding condition has to come first.

You’ll also notice that there’s a “daily trail conditions” page. This will become more meaningful as the rains start. Please start checking the conditions as a matter of course, and I am arranging to have a Gauteng weather feed too!

The opening hours are in a constant state of flux as the days lengthen and shorten. You can now keep current with a dedicated page!

After you’ve trolled around the site on your office ADSL line you will notice that there’s a REGISTER button up on the menu bar of every page. Please just head onto there and grab a free user password. This will ensure:

  • You are kept up to date with the special events at Logwood Bike Haven
  • You are kept up to date with the progress and opening dates for Pretoria, Sandton and Kloof (Durban) Bike Havens
  • You will be able to access (when I put them in) added menus and video feeds that non-registered users will not see (including the “Trash and Treasure” page, but more on that later)
  • That you continue to get this horrible drivel that I spew forth
  • That you will get special deals at the “Goody Store” (More about that to come too)

Having accomplished all that with just the click of a mouse, you should probably take the rest of the day off work and go ride. By the way, rumour has it Terry the Spinman has some very interesting news regarding taking days off work and going to ride your bike with UCI World Champions no less! Check out his website for more details, but as soon as something is confirmed I’ll send a mail anyhow.

And now, the Goody Store! We are pleased to announce that Andrew from Cycle Lab and Super Sport-Super Cycling has stepped into the foreground of cycling again and this time in the Mountainbike arena. He has been doing suspiciously well in all the Mountainbike races that he has entered recently, and has got himself a VERY fancy new bike from Gary Fisher (the Godfather of Mountainbiking worldwide). All this from a self confessed Roadie! Could it be that the dirt virus has set in and claimed another victim?

Well it certainly must be considered because Andrew will be opening a new shop at Logwood Bike Haven called (you guessed it) Cycle Lab MTB. This will cater for all your Mountainbiking needs, including mechanical service.

This also sounds like a good time to introduce Juan who will be heading up the operation out at the Bike Haven, and will also be available at Cycle Lab at William Nicol Drive during the week. Juan is certainly no stranger to Mountainbikers in Gauteng as anybody who has had occasion to visit the wizards at Westrand Cycles over the years will know.

Juan also rides a Gary Fisher…now I’m starting to feel left out!

The guys and gals from Dark and Dirty in Pretoria came and took on the challenge of Logwood after dark on their regular Thursday evening invasion (the last Thursday of every 2nd month- next one 26th October.).

This time it would indeed be accurate to say that someone left their mark on Logwood.

The morning after I was called down to the roof of the materiel store that Dark Side crosses by a very wide eyed Jonas. He just could not believe the person shaped hole in the roof. We both had a good laugh about the effort of will it must have taken to ride out of the Clubhouse again after such a huge fall without showing any sign of pain to keep ego intact. Whoever you were…well done!! There may have been chicks watching.

What a mouthful. OK, coffee breaks over, everyone back to work.

Till next time, keep the rubber side down.

Geoff the Aussie.

PS: To unsubscribe to this rubbish pour water into the top of your CPU and that should take care of it. If not, send me an email with unsubscribe in the subject line and I’ll eventually take care of it when I get out of the mental hospital after the suicide attempt that is all your fault