With the Crater Cruise over for another year, all I can say is “RESPECT” to those who competed in the Long Route on Saturday and came to ride Logwood Bike Haven on Sunday; or rode Logwood on Saturday, only to trundle off to do the Short course on Sunday.

Best chirp of the week definitely belongs to Kayne from Club 100.

On the Spinman Chat Group a new mountainbiker asked if the Crater Cruise was very technical…to which Kayne replied “Yes, there is a left turn!” .

As we all know, long distance rides have never been my most favourite thing, but that doesn’t diminish the accomplishment of riding 105 kms in a microwave at an average speed of 30kms per hour. Great to see the turnout from the Road and Mountainbike fraternity at this event which basically constitutes “ Common Ground” for both camps, but home turf for neither.

For all our mid-week riders, expect to see the wrecking crew from Bicycling and MountainBIKE magazines on the test track on Wednesday. They asked me to say sorry in advance for any inconvenience caused to training programs whilst they undertake to attempt deliberate destruction of various new components and bikes, to save the rest of us from purchasing products prone to accidental destruction under our harsh African conditions.

Don’t forget to confirm with Terry the Spinman your place at the Christoph Sauser Lunch and Ride (not necessarily in that order) at Logwood Bike Haven on the 25th of this month. The places are limited so act quickly.

The new additions to Sugar Bowl have proved so popular that we are busy designing more of these fun little features. Evil Trail Pixies are plotting and scheming!

Till next time, keep the rubber side down

Geoff the Aussie