Good Afternoon Fellow Mountainbikers!

Well folks, the news from Logwood Bike Haven from the weekend of racing is all good. Huge congratulations are in order to all who competed but a special mention must go to Dorette Crous who won the “Queen of the Park” award for the second time running, and was the only race snake (male or female) to post a faster time on this modified course than in the last Dirty TT.

Jeanne Weepner gets the official “Hero of the Day” award with her astonishing display of big hearted running/ walking/ carrying/ riding that posted a very respectable time on the Lung Buster…with a front tyre that flatted in the first corner of the Shimano “S” from the start. She elected to take the easier way out on the Sprint Deluxe and fixed the flat, despite cries from the spectators to ride without a front wheel to save weight!

Josh Liebenberg won the “King of the Park” title in a very close fought battle with Stuart Carliell (from Microsoft Club 100). They were divided by only one second and had the crowd on their feet.

For full results in all categories (and a list of exciting upcoming events) go to

Josh (who is considering changing his name to Bender or Broken or some such) then went on to prove that his tolerance to pain does not extend only to a lack of oxygen and burning legs encountered in the Race of Truth, and promptly went on to test ride the knarliest stunts constructed on the Adventure Zone Dark Side. Josh assures me that the fact that photographers from several magazines were there, as well as several VERY pretty girls, had nothing to do with this astonishing riding.

Yeah right!!

The rainy day (can you believe it) on Tuesday has put the dust on the trails back where it belongs, but we ask all riders to remember that skidding the back wheel in an Mountainbike Park is like passing wind at the dinner table; we all do it accidentally from time to time, but it is never pleasant for others.

Standby your PC for exciting news about Skills Clinics!

Till Next time, keep the rubber side down

Geoff the Aussie

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