It was another weird and wacky weekend at Logwood Bike Haven.

Saturday afternoon saw the Intermediate Skills Clinic (hosted by myself and Richard Beswick) take place in nothing short of blistering microwave conditions. It has long since been established that the female/male split in participants in skills training is weighted toward the female side.

We are assured by our female friends that this is because men already know everything and are thus un-teachable. Neither Richard or I have argued with this as we already knew it!!

So huge congratulations to all the Blokes (note the capital) who outnumbered the chicks 6 to 1. During the Clinic we got as far into things as discussing the best line to take in certain downhill switchback corners with drop offs and roots, not just for safety and speed , but from a racing tactics point of view.

Having thus established in my mind that Logwood is a training ground for upcoming XC racers, Sunday morning found verification with the Mugg & Bean Supercycling MTB Club invasion that began as soon as the sun was over the horizon. There is something seriously wrong with these people…we suspect that some of them have white socks in their riding kit drawer! Don’t they know that mountainbikers don’t know the date or get out of bed before 9am on Sunday? A fine time was had by all and then they started the ride back to the Mugg & Bean at Broadacres as if it were all in a days work.

Speaking of Mugg & Bean, they are renting out Logwood Bike Haven for the second time this year and opening the gates for all riders, M&B members and non-members, to ride free all day. This will be happening on December the 10th.

I am told they will have all sorts of fun and games (quite literally) happening like Dirty Time Trials, Shrapnel Rides (at differing skills levels), Slow Races, Devil Take the Hindmost short course XC etc. I think there is even sprogs races for the Little Muggers. Check out the Mubb & Bean Supercycling website for all the details on that.

Mugg &Bean Supercycling MTB Club administrative staff are paid professionals, and will be on hand on the 10th December to take care of race license renewals and all that red-tape stuff for you…bring your credit card!

Sunday afternoon brought the mass invasion of Logwood Bike Haven by Jack’s Birthday Party. This was a bit of a surprise, but retrospectively hilarious. I was sitting out the back near the Main Drag timing Bruce (all my mates are called Bruce) Flint as he set a new course record for Maelstrom. I nearly lost his time when I looked up and saw what appeared to be thousands of people 3 feet high approaching down the Chute from the car park on bikes of every description.

I am still not sure how many of them there actually were, because as fast as we could get numbers onto them (after the mandatory rule explanation) they were “just gone” into the depths of Logwood and not seen again till the light faded from the skies. Occasionally they would filter back up to the Clubhouse in twos and threes to be tested for permission to ride on the Blue Routes.

Happy birthday to Jack (who can ride like a demon) who may well have introduced the whole next generation to mountainbiking in one afternoon…maybe we should put him in charge of CGC Junior Development portfolio!!!!

Till Next time, keep the rubber side down.

Geoff the Aussie