The 94.7 is nearly upon us!

But that’s not the good news. The good news is that starting Tuesday the 21st of November Logwood Bike Haven will open early in the morning for our soon to be world famous “Shrapnel Rides”.

This is how it works.

The Clubhouse doors will open at 5.25 am sharp, and stay open till 5.30 a.m exactly. All riders who wish to participate in the Shrapnel Ride must arrive inside that time. The Bike Haven will be closed for entry from 5.30 am till our normal opening time of 7.30 am no matter how well connected or well intentioned you may be.

The Shrapnel Riders will gather at the Start area and send the last week’s winner off to lead the chase with a 3 second head-start. The leader will choose the route that all must follow. He/she will not be required to give any warning of intended turns, in fact, the idea is to lose and drop everyone in the group by getting far enough in front that they cannot see which way you went and miss the turnings.

The Bunch will follow and all riders will try to take the lead from the previous leader. Whoever is in front is the New Leader and chooses the route for all to follow.

As riders are spat out the back like shrapnel they are to head back to the Clubhouse and await the end of the Game. The Game will end at 6.30 am if there has been no clear win (leader drops the whole following bunch and loses them) and whoever holds the lead at that time will be deemed the King of the Shrapnel Ride for that week. 

If enough riders are assembled after being spat off a second group will be formed and the game will continue without the honours attached to being King of the Shrapnel Riders which will attend the main group’s winner. The "A Bunch" will have right of way on any shared trail.

From 6.30 am onwards the Bike Haven will be for general riding for the Shrapnel Riders till 7.30 am…or a second informal game may take place by mutual consent.

This is not a “by invitation only” ride, so if you know someone else who you think would go for this sort of tomfoolery…well for goodness sake invite them!

Hope to see you on Tuesday week, but I’ll remind you again next week.

Keep the rubber side down,

Geoff the Aussie