2007 Cycle Lab Annual Trophy

Coffee Coloured Snake

Well the speculation is over and the results are in. The Mugg & Bean SuperCycling MTB Club are officially the fastest XC Racers in the MTB Club world in Gauteng. The photos speak a thousand words (I just made that up, it’s OK, you can use it) and the dominance of the now famous coffee coloured kit is evident for all to see.

3 very strong men with the Gimp

Club 100 put in a strong showing, and Neil “Turbo Diesel” Frazer intimidated everyone including Richard Beswick and Damien Booth on the hills, but ultimately XC Racing is about single track.

Despite being from the same Club, the Muggers were determined to blow before they would let anyone ride away

The folks from Fourways Life Health Care Hospital had an extremely boring day, which means they didn’t even have to take the Dettol and cotton wool out. Not so much as a plaster was used, but Cult Cycling would like to thank the life support paramedics for making us feel safe with their presence.

Richard leading Thomas after the first lap, with Paulo and Damien close in pursuit

Whilst Fritz Pienaar’s distinctive club kit was noted, no podium finishes were achieved on the day. The Nedbank MTB Club riders put in a brave showing, but were drowned in coffee coloured kit. JMBC were totally absent, but XC racing is not really their thing. Rockhoppers MTB Club surprisingly didn’t show a result despite their single handed nurture of XC and Downhill racing for the last decade.

One of the Casey Boyz (Michael) taking his ease after destroying the opposition from Team Harmony and Team USN

It looks like there’s a new kid on the block with a fondness for Racing, Winning, and Good Coffee.

M&B are looking to poach Cameron "Action Boy" Haupt for the Little Muggers Race Team. Contracual negotiations are underway with his Team Management for a buy out.

The BIG MEN of mountainbiking were full of good cheer at the start line, but despite a "no quarter asked or given" race, some great sportsmanship was shown by these guys. A lesson for us all.

Damien looking like he just swallowed something with legs just before the start, with Neil and Jonty in the background, which was pretty much how it went until Jonty flatted

The Young and the Fast (and the Aussie), sounds like a new TV show doesnt it

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