By Bardy the Action Scribe

Do a Google search for the word ‘fun’ and you get more than 600 million results. Not surprisingly, one of those results is the East Coast Radio 40km Fun Ride. It’s the baby-brother event to the Pick ‘n Pay Amashovashova 106km race from Pietermaritzburg to Durban, and with hardly any uphill responsibilities, it can’t not be fun!

Starting at the Hillcrest Pick ‘n Pay, the 40km ride gets off to a quick downhill start, followed by a quick downhill middle section and then a quick downhill finish. Actually, that’s not entirely true. There is a bit of a flat section in the final few kilometres where fun-seekers will probably have to pedal to maintain some forward momentum.

This event takes place on fully closed roads and has become a favourite among those that believe work should be a banned four-letter word. Only riders with deep psychological issues will be unable to smile broadly virtually from start to finish of what really is a cool wind-in-the-face downhill plunge. Even unfit people have surprised themselves – and their friends – by dancing gleefully on their pedals as they cross the finish line at the beach at the Suncoast Casino. Beach, casino, dancing – could almost be synonyms for the word ‘fun’. Post-ride festivities are a given when you’ve hardly built up a sweat.

The East Coast Radio 40km Fun Ride takes place on Sunday 21 October, is open to all ages and is ideal for families or friends that wish to ride together, but don’t want to suffer any kind of unnecessary lung or leg pain. It’s really only those with a high fun threshold that should consider riding this event.

For those with a more gritty sense of fun, the Asishove 20km mountain bike ride will take place on Saturday 20 October at Giba Gorge, Pinetown. Specifically created to not be too long or too difficult, this 20km off-road event is geared to guarantee frill-free fun for those who like their adventurous spirits shaken, not stirred.

To enter, or to find out more information about the East Coast Radio 40km Fun Ride and the Asishove 20km mountain bike ride, visit