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Cycle Lab Annual Trophy

The Mtb Racing was fast and furious, with the Mugg & Bean SuperCycling MTB Club dominating the podium in every age category. It would seem there is a new Kid on the Block who likes to win at everything.

We shall see what happens next year.

Winter single track mountain bike cross country racing at its finest

The Mugg & Bean MTB racing Train

XC Racing at Logwood Bike Haven, the Pro Riders carve it up during the Cycle Lab Annual Trophy

A lone Club 100 racer swamped on the single track by Mugg & Beaners

Super Fast Lighties Ruled the day, and they were all wearing the Coffee Coloured Kit

Action Man showed everyone what true grit was all about, and showed that he was perfectly at home ricing his mtb on single track with all the big kids

All the Big Men of XC MTB Racing, causing an eclipse of the sun and a shift in the rotation of the earth by gathering together for the start of the Crater Maker

One man is ready to rock n roll when talk is still cheap before the start. Damien Booth is a machine

Cross Country Mountain Bike Racing Action

Fun and Games, and to the victors go the spoils. Geoff the Aussie has obviously just said something stupid about MTB Racing again

All the Kids ready to race their mountain bikes in the fully enclosed safety of Logwood Bike Haven

Action Man takes no prisioners when racing XC on his MTB

Mugg & Beaner Jason, caught in a hectic dual with fellow Mugger, Ryan. XC racers at their finest

Over all terrain in the Cross Country Race Course, the Mugg & Beaners dominated

Powerful turbo charged women sure know how to make you look old and clumbsy on a Cross Country MTB race course

The men all feeling feisty and wanting to race their MTB's...cross coutry style

A very Hard fought Battle in the Senior Men category, the results show that Mugg & Bean dominated here too.

Frankie Four Fingers hard at work. Timing in Cross Country MTB racing is no easy thing, and Frankie may have to start on his toes soon.

The Vets Podium tells the story, and despite being swamped on the single track Club 100 managed a very respectable second to Damien "The Machine" Booth