G'Day Fellow Mountain Bikers,


As we all know there is nothing quite so undignified as fat old men in tight fitting lycra shrieking themselves senseless whilst falling all over the place in sloppy mud. As a direct result of this the regular Mugg & Bean Fat Burning Crank Turning ride will be cancelled for tomorrow morning.


I have often tried to explain to my overseas mtb friends that Africa is not for sissies, and when we cancel something because of rain it means that visibility was reduced to less than a meter from the amount of water falling from the sky. Mud means the sort of slop you could lose a UN Convoy of HumVees in. Extreme heat means the tar on the roads has melted and filled in the numerous potholes.


Somehow I still think they think I'm a little gay when I tell them we stopped a ride over a little mud.


The results from the Gauteng Provincial #1 are up and the SA National XC #1. Check out the quality international field at the National! World Champions everywhere!!!!


Bardy the Action Scribe has been uncharacteristically quiet about the results. With the depth of knowledge and experience in XC Racing that he has, surely he wasn't expecting a different result with a field like that?


Well done to all the Logwood Crew who went to Cape Town and reminded them that the folks in Gauteng know how to ride single track, and race on it.


Chat Later. Keep the rubber side down,


Geoff the Aussie