G'Day Fellow Mountainbikers,

The fantastic never ending beastie that is the ABSA Cape Epic (presented by Adidas) sure has had some unusual twists and turns so far. There has been the huge surprise of a Stage win in the Prologue by a South African team; then there was the tragic withdrawal of Burry Stander with injury, whilst wearing the Leaders Jersey, leaving Christoph Sauser without a partner yet again.

You can follow the Official Story here, and follow the adventures of Four Fingers Frankie here and Neil Frazer here, as well as some inside info from Bardy the Action Scribe here and here.

There are lots cool pics from the demented crank turners from Garmin-DCM Team that you can check out here, and if you would like to get the full story, then click here and check it out first hand.

Speaking of the folks who make cool toys; all the boys with cool toys can now put a way point into their Garmin GPS's (either car or bike version) to navigate to Logwood Bike Haven with estimated time of arrival and voice instructions. I love technology. If you would like the co-ordinates just grab them here.

On the Logwood Bike Haven scene, the Fat Burning Crank Turning will take place as usual this Saturday at 12:00 noon (weather permitting). This has slowly evolved into a "take turns to kill the Aussie" session, but I guess if it hurts that much it must be making me stronger. Bring it on.

There have been some major changes this week to the berms in Kitchen Sink and 12 Steps in preparation for the 5th Gauteng Provincial on 21st of June. Both those trails have been closed all week during these reno vations as all the kids on school holidays know (and have been moaning endlessly about, sorry guys), but we expect them to have set up properly by Saturday.

Zombie Birdhouse also has a new corner in it with much larger high speed berm, as well as some modifications to existing corners making them even faster for the racing, and should be open for Saturday.

Next week we are going to work in Sugar Bowl, modifying the approach to the hump near Loch Ness. This is going to become a gap jump (for those that can) with a much slower chicken run around it (for those that can't).

The saga of the Epic continues and I will keep you up to date as news comes to hand.

Keep the rubber side down, see you for the Fat Burning Crank Turning.

Geoff the Aussie


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