G'Day Fellow Mountain Bikers, 

The seasons, like the years, are rolling relentlessly on. The days when winter moans in old men's bones, and every incidence of youthful exuberance speaks from a joint or muscle rapidly approach. In reluctant accommodation of this, the weekday opening hours for Logwood Bike Haven have been altered. The Friday Follies will be heading toward Sundowners just that little bit earlier.


There are new ways to get onto the trails at Logwood, and I don't mean we built a bridge! The Schools that are using Logwood Bike Haven as part of their Sport Program (yes, there is still hope for the education system) are using an Off Peak 20 Unit Card. This works exactly the same a standard 20 Unit Card, except it's not good for entry on Public Holidays or Weekends. The good side of the story is that it is valid for 2 years from date of purchase. We have had lots of requests for these from guys where school is not even a distant memory, more like ancient history, and can see no reason why they can't buy one too. Consider them available for coffin dodgers as well as kids forthwith!


Whilst we were busy making up new stuff, we put together something for Weekend Warriors who are into 1001 other sports as well, and therefore only get to Logwood intermittently. Check out the 10 Unit card, also available now, and tell your Multi Sport challenged friends about the " buy two get one free" way of getting onto fast single track.


For all the Race Snakes from Mugg & Bean and Toyota Cycle Lab, and all us other mere mortals too, you can finally add the date for the 5th Gauteng Province Cross Country (XC) race to your calendar. Get the crayons out and scribble down Saturday 21st of June, and whilst you are at it you can add the venue as Logwood Bike Haven.


Just to make sure there are no cries later of "Home Ground Advantage" we are happy to announce the course so that all Snakes and newcomers alike can come and try it out.


All categories will start with the Shake Down Lap. This is the same as always and goes from the Start > T Intersection Left > Vehicle Gate Left > and up to the entrance of Organ Grinder Short and back to the Start.


The standard lap will be 6. 26 kms long and from the Start will enter Kitchen Sink > 12 Steps > Zombie Birdhouse (Long) > Sugar Bowl (with a compulsory chicken run on the semi circular bridge) > Maelstrom > Inner Vortex > North Shore (to climb the Dam Wall only) > Maelstrom (via the Diadora Dropoff, but still not as scary as Fountains) > Dorothy's Tree > Organ Grinder Short > Start.


Our good friends from Garmin will have the route available on GPS for you to download soon (I'll send you word when it's done) and for those of us lucky enough to own a Computrainer you will be able to program it into your machine to practice at home; at least from a fitness standpoint.


There will be a separate route for the Sprogs and that will be posted soon.


Whilst we are on the subject of Mountain Bike Racing, congratulations are in order to Mugg & Bean for being voted "best mountain bike race 2007" by the South African race snakes themselves. Well done to everyone involved this year.


I have heard that all the sponsors that made the event possible last year (Mugg & Bean, Knog, USN, EA) are going bigger and better than ever in 2008, and have elected to move to a bigger venue in the historic Cradle of Human Kind. Rumours abound that to avoid the heat and the rain the date has been moved to August the 9th and 10th, so get your Knog lights out and get in the groove for a massive party.


A submission has been made to Cycling South Africa to make this event the 24hr National Championship Race, and all the sponsors have agreed that the Solo winner will be sent to America wearing the SA Colours for the World Championship Race in the Solo category.


On the Logwood front, Green Cathedral has long been one of this old Aussie's favourite loops. If you ever go slow enough to look around, you will notice that some of the old Gum trees have reached a status of nothing short of majestic, and their covering of moss and creeping vines adds a Tolkeinesque quality that I find irresistible. There have been lots of modifications in there this week, and you will find berms that allow fast riders to break the sound barrier whilst still allowing a more sedate pace for the folks who enjoy the scenery. The Launch Pad has also been rationalised (fancy way of saying "made lethally fast") and there is a new optional jump over a puddle (wasn't that a book?) that I will let you find for yourself.


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See you on the Weekend, and keep the rubber side down,


Geoff the Aussie