G'Day Fellow Mountain Bikers,

The first thing that I must mention before premature Altzheimers sets in again is that Logwood Bike Haven will be closed this Sunday. You are probably wondering is this out of respect for a certain Joburg road race, or have I wangled myself an entry to actually ride the 94.7. The real answer is of course that this year there are so many road closures that none of the folks from Cult Cycling can actually get to Logwood, and we are not dedicated enough to go there the night before and sleep over.

Bardy the Action Scribe has been a very busy scribe bringing you all the news in the larger world of Cycling (including those funny skinny tyres, and the little 20" wheels too). Now we all know that 26" fat tyres are the centre of the known universe, but it is nice to know what goes on in other less important forms of cycling as long as you don't have to search it out too much. Bardy is doing the footwork for you and bringing all the important news to your mail box. Check this and this and this.

There are lots of Photos coming from the Juicy Lucy WORCS #2 that featured Gary Fisher locked in a fierce and muddy battle with John the Coffin Dodger, and I will tell you as soon as I get them up. In the meantime here are a couple of Old Farts hogging the camera and having some fun.

Speaking of old farts, I got a little older myself recently (relentless this time business) and I was astounded to notice that the only real modification to my normal day I made on my birthday was to switch my phone off. Traditionally I always do whatever I please on my birthday, and it would appear that my normal day in the world of mountain biking is in fact actually what I enjoy most. I love this sport with a passion bordering on the obsessive. Whilst I will be the first to admit that my place within the sport is completely delusional (and I would benefit from stronger medication), I have never been so happy to belong somewhere in my life. What a cool TRIBE we mountainbikers are; room for everyone!

I got a new bike for my birthday! A Gary Fisher HiFi Carbon Pro. This is without a doubt the most fun and responsive bike I have ever ridden to date. And it is SEX ON WHEELS. Not only does it accelerate like a XC race hardtail, but it inspires a very dangerous sense of "I can do it" when considering any obstacle, and then makes you look good doing it. The guys who were with me on my first ride on my new bike were laughing their heads off. They reckoned I looked like a kid on Christmas morning.

And why wouldn't I. This was my first recreational ride on a mountain bike for two and a half years. I'm now a fat old fool with a broken rib, and I've never been happier in my life. I really should thank all the members of my Tribe who have put up with my moaning and wailing and gnashing of teeth waiting to get back on the bike, but the great thing is that I don't have to.

See you on Saturday to practice the route for the Juicy Lucy WORCS #3. The North Shore Drop Off and the Diadora Drop Off have both been smoothed out (much to the horror of the hardcore) to make sliding down on your butt more comfortable. Anybody can get down these two fun obstacles, its only the method and the speed of descent that will vary. This final (and series deciding) Juicy Lucy WORCS will be a longer lap, with a slower pace; good for all riders!

Keep the rubber side down.

Geoff the Aussie