G'Day Fellow Mountain Bikers,

It was undoubtedly a weekend for mountainbikers.

Saturday saw all the toughest of the Tribe come out to play in pouring rain at Logwood Bike Haven, including our "Founding Father", Gary Fisher. Uncle Gary came all the way from San Francisco to compete in the Master Men category of the Juicy Lucy WORCS mtb races, which he won in a tough battle with our chief Coffin Dodgers, John Runciman and Mark Munroe (showing where Tim and Bryce got it from).

John took an early lead, but Gary Fisher chased him down remorselessly, showing the true grit that took him to a USA Road Racing Championship Title, and more recently a Master World XC Title. The Living Fossil (Mark) never slowed for a moment and if either John or Gary made an error he would have been all over them like a rash, leaving tyre tracks up their backs.

The Sprogs turned out in force despite the inclement weather conditions, and true to form provided the closest matched, cut throat racing seen on the day, including the professionals. Scott Rosslee and Alexander Frogley got into a battle in the early laps that saw them exchange the lead a continuously. Ultimately the battle was won by Scott when Alexander retired with mechanical trouble on the last lap. Ryan Casey and Jason Gipson from Mugg & Bean Supercycling MTB Club were involved in a battle of their own right down to the line to take second and third respectively. Luke and Aiden Griffith both performed well, and will have to be watched carefully in the next round by anyone planning to finish in front of them.

Colin Germs arrived a pale shade of green after a night of food poisoning, but as soon as the start gun went the race snake in him came out to play and banished his illness, if only temporarily. Colin, sporting the VERY flash new Cycle Lab kit (which now includes mountain biking) rode like a man possessed and punished the Vets field. Jonty Doke finished second in a gritty performance, with Mark Frogley rounding out the podium. Colin limped in on his final lap, and was in such a poor state that he had to trundle off home immediately, despite the free beer supplied for all by Juicy Lucy. Everyone who knows Colin was quite worried by this turn of events, and it made a few folks offer to drive him to hospital, more than the interesting aurora borealis his complexion was providing.

By the way Colin was wearing black socks. Perhaps he's allergic?

The mountain biking chicks of the Tribe lived up to their name and really got down and dirty; in fact there was speculation among the spectators about nude mud wrestling going on in Sugar Bowl where we couldn't see them.

Whilst Mene Olivier led from start to finish, there was not much between her and Carmen Creswell (who stopped for a mud-pack facial treatment on Showtime near the Clubhouse) and Anne Pearton and Marlene van Heerden and Lauralyn Purchase (who is really leader of the Frogley Clan).

Newly released scientific research (by me) suggests the mountain bike virus may be spread genetically (Frogley Clan, Pearton Clan, Casey Clan, Munroe Clan) as well as by contact with dirt. This would make it doubly important to take note of who you lay in the dirt with.

The Sub - Junior Men and Junior Men were dominated by the two Munroe boys, Bryce and Tim, although Mark Bridges was only a hair behind Tim.

Anton Rogers and Jurie Spykerman (The Invisible Man) were engaged in a very entertaining battle in the Senior Men until Thomas crashed and had to retire with mechanical problems.

Rynard van Hoven destroyed the field in the Sub Vet men again. He came in half an hour ahead of his closest rival (Sean Madden) and looked as if he had been riding on a paved cycle path in Central Park.

In the Crater Maker Category, Wayne Flood decimated his opposition posting lap times that a 68kg XC dwarf would be proud to achieve. The big engines of Richard Wills and Terrance Casey just kept on keeping on, and these two diesel juggernoughts rounded out the podium.

In the Pro Women category of the Juicy Lucy WORCS, Yolande Speedy executed her usual efficient display, but without her now traditional fall on her sore shoulder, and basically took Dorette Crous out for a ride to show how they do it in the World Pro Cat. Dorette put in an astounding ride to stay upright in treacherous conditions and within 2 minutes of Yolande each lap. I just can't get enough of fast and dirty girls.

Francois Theron and Phillip Buys were joined at the hip during the whole race in the Pro Men's Cat, and grinning like a couple of kids who snuck out of the house after dark. They basically rode away from the rest of the field, never seeming to put a wheel wrong in very unforgiving conditions; young lions challenging all. It seemed that with Francois in front the whole way, and occasionally stretching the elastic joining them, that it would be a replay of recent races with a sprint finish that Francois enjoys and wins. But as soon as the bell went for the last lap Phillip just exploded out of the saddle and cranked through every corner to establish a lead that was still growing when he crossed the line to take the money.

For all the results from Round 2 just click here, and if you would like to see the Points Standing after 2 rounds of the series here it is.

Sunday was blue skies and rug rats. I have never seen so many kids at Logwood, all having a go at the Sprogs Track, and sneaking in to try their luck on the "Big Kids" race route from Saturday.

For those of us who understand that making muscles stronger, and with greater endurance, is only one third of a balanced training program that requires flexibility and rest too, we have a special treat: A Yoga Class for Blokes. You have just gotta check this out. Any of the certifiable crazies who are doing the Absa Cape Epic who don't have Yoga and running (with their bike for short distances) as part of your preparations have got rocks in their heads.

The next Mugg & Bean Skills Clinic 101 is coming up soon; final confirmation of dates in the next few days. The standard "first in with the Proof of Payment" method will reserve the available positions. If you would like to see what is covered, check it out here.

There are still a couple of positions available on the Skills 201 scheduled for November the 25th. To find out more detail just Click.

Zombie Birdhouse is closed for repairs this week, but you wont believe how good it is when it's reopened.

Maelstrom has been modified. The small table tops on the XC route that leads to Inner Vortex are wider and longer, and less prone to over jumping now. Inner Vortex is also a dream ride, but will likely remain closed for a day or two to resettle the berms.

Keep the Rubber side down.

Geoff the Aussie