G'Day Fellow Mountain Bikers,


It was a nail biting weekend of mountain bike racing, and Bardy the Action Scribe has all the inside news and photos for you.


There was some interesting stuff going on at the first major race of the year in the world of skinny tyres too.


Lots of folks wonder about my interest in the skinny tyre brigade, and the truth of it is that it is almost impossible to race mountain bikes successfully without doing skinny tyre miles. I do mine on a Computrainer nowadays because I love technology and hate taxis.


I was hospitalised for some time after a taxi swerved to hit me deliberately on a Saturday afternoon coming back from the Lab on my own. For once I wasn't running my mouth to annoy him, so i will just assume that he hated cyclists's.


That basically cured me of road riding in SA (yeah I know I'm a big sissy), because much and all as I love the feeling of working in a fast pace line, I don't think it's worth dying over. When I finally get fast enough on my Computrainer (doing the Garmin Edge download of the Saturday morning Lab ride) I will probably join in the fun in a big group again, but I won't take the chance solo.


What I find distressing is that on my way to open Logwood Bike haven on Saturday and Sunday morning's, I pass numerous pairs and groups of three riders going 2 and 3 abreast on single lane sections of Cedar Ave. This is dangerous (sometimes fatally so) for the individuals concerned, but invariably these morons make the roads unsafe for all of us because they make motorists who are already stressed slow down to 17.1 KPH in a 100 KPH zone (no you can't pass because there is oncoming traffic and mostly a unbroken centre line) whilst they have a fat chat to their mate whilst they do 1 of their 6 annual rides to train for the Argus or 94.7.


If I sound passionate about this, a visit to a South African public hospital will do that to you. They are not much fun (Andrew Mclean wanted to steal a wheel chair and push  me out when he came to see me) but I wasn't in any condition to name where they took me, and they saved my life!


When you spend big chunks of time turning the cranks on skinny wheel bikes, it doesn't take long before you start to appreciate the vast amount of cycling talent they have, and start to respect the fast guys and become interested in the three dimensional chess game that makes up road racing.


I love teasing them about their silly white socks (unless I'm wearing them too) and their obsession with statistics, but if you spend a little time with Roadies (note the capital) you can't help but respect and admire them. Give it a try, but get taught the right way to ride in a group at a proper Club.


Saturday saw the mud at Logwood start to recede, and Sunday finished the job. The lower trails (Water Worx, Dirt Worx and Sugar Bowl) are still closed, but all the upper trails are open and super fast...but the thunder I'm hearing may finish all that off.


The Mugg & Bean Fat Burning Crank Turning (and the Cycle Lab Snakes Convention) will take place on Wednesday morning at 5.15 am as usual. Muggers and Lab Rats who want the 20% entry discount need to be in Club Kit and have their current cards with. You don't have to be a member to join in, just up early and in the Clubhouse at 5.15 sharp. Tell your mates that normal entry rates apply and bring 'em along. There are normally two groups to ride with, and some Muggers ride with the Lab Rats, and some Lab Rats ride with the Muggers. Suit yourself about the pace of your group.


The Mugg & Bean Skills 101 has two places left on it. If you would like to find out what's covered, check it out.


Enough for a Monday arvo. Till next time, keep the rubber side dry and down.


Geoff the Aussie