G'Day Fellow Mountain Bikers,


Despite enough rain in the last week to make Noah's relatives start scratching around in the bottom drawer for those old ship building plans, Logwood Bike Haven is surviving and the trails are officially open and pronounced "ride-able, but with puddles" for this afternoons Friday Follies.


Given the lower than normal ambient temperatures, and the promise of water, it may be advisable to forego the usual malt smoothies for afterwards, and rather imbibe your favourite distilled medicinal cold fighter as you watch the sun set (or where we assume the sun still is rather).


There's lots of stuff happening in the wider world of cycling and Bardy the Action Scribe is keeping us up to date so that we can hold up our end of a cycling conversation. Nic White has been giving the French Pros a hard time on skinny wheels, and the all new and improved Kevin Evens (I think that's Kevin Lite now) will be trying to remain the undisputed Barberton Champ.


Christoph Sauser did exactly what you would expect at the 1st National XC race. Classy racer!


The date for the next Mugg & Bean Skills 101 is up, along with all the info on what will be covered, and where and when. The Kids Clinic that was rained out has been rescheduled, and the Women Only Clinic that Richard and I can't get an invite to (regardless of the fact that the chicks all say we ride like girls) has a date set too.


If it rains on the weekend, bring your canoe to Logwood and we'll do some cross training and drink coffee and tell lies.


Keep the rubber side dry,


Geoff the Aussie