G'Day Fellow Mountain Bikers,

In another of those wonderful philosophical moments of which Bardy the Action Scribe stood accused in my last epistle, let me drop in another: an Australian original for your pleasure.

"The only thing certain in racing is that nothing is certain"

And what a weekend of surprises we had. The only one of the Logwood Regulars to bring home the Green and Gold was Paul Cordes of Team IMC.

I think that every other prediction (with the exception of Rourke Croeser [Red Mongoose]) both Bardy and myself got wrong, and we will both stand in the corner with funny hats on as penance.

Check out:

Muddy Mundy Rocks

Heavy Weight Champion of the World

Burry Beaten????? By the UCI

I will have the Lap/Run times for all races up soon, so stay tuned.

You can also expect to hear some good news from Paul Cordes (Team IMC) as he tells us how his race went, and because Yolande Speedy is made of stern stuff, you can expect that she will have nothing but congratulations for Amy Jane when we hear from her.

Logwood earned the ire of the weather gods this weekend after striving to have the trails in the best condition since building, and had to close Sunday, and is remaining closed today.

With the ABSA Cape EPIC just ar ound the corner, get your preparation right with Yolande ( ) and keep the rubber side dry and safe. If you are doing this race remember you have a lot of miles (a stupid amount of miles and climbing and hiking in fact) waiting for you and now is not the time to mess it up by getting sick. Also remember you will have to stop riding your mountain bike on the side of the road and use it for what it was intended in a few weeks, or at least come up with a better excuse than "I'm in training for the Epic".

Keep Warm and dry, and the rubber side down.

Geoff the Aussie


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