G'Day Fellow Mountain Bikers,

When I was a kid my Mum used to try and force me to write to my grandmother who I didn't actually know. I tried to explain to her that when there was lots of stuff going on I didn't have time to write, and when there wasn't anything happening, there was no point in writing.

I fear my Mum never really bought into the logic of the concept.

The truth be known, things have been really busy and there has been, and still is, lots of super-exciting things going on. That said, I offer no excuses for not "hitting the ink" (figuratively) and writing sooner. My Bad. Sorry.

The long awaited Juicy Lucy WORCS #2 photos are finally up on the site. CHECK EM OUT.  You will notice the presence of GARY FISHER at the Mud Fest, looking cool and smooth the whole way through, both dicing it out on the course on his 29er, and grabbing a Castle and a Bourie Roll afterwards. What a cool dude.

If you would like to grab a big high resolution version of any of the pics that were taken by Sputnik Corporation they are only R20 for 5 images, including the CD that you will receive them on, and if you need more than 5 they are only R3 per image after that.

Please contact Stephanie from Sputnik directly to help you out with this.

The pics from the Juicy Lucy WORCS #3 are also up, and the same Sputnik rates apply if you want the high resolution versions.

The Sprogs and Women had ideal racing conditions this time around with the Men only doing one abortive lab in a lightning storm that fried frogs and brought down a couple of trees. The Pros didn't even get to start. This was a complete role reversal (is that like cross dressing) from the Juicy Lucy WORCS #2, where the kids and Women suffered in the mud, and the Men and Pros had a clear quick course. It's all swings and round-abouts, and anyone who believes different has never been married.

The final Juicy Lucy WORCS standings are also listed, and it was a fantastic series with great prizes from a VERY generous sponsor. I truly believe that we should all support the brands that support our sport, and hope to hang out with you at a Juicy Lucy store for a healthy snack and a smoothie soon.

Trail news from Logwood Bike Haven centers around Green Cathedral which has come under the microscope this month, and there are some startling changes in there. The Skill Rating has been dropped from a Blue 1 down to a Green 5. If you can't remember what this means, CHECK IT OUT HERE. The ironic thing is that whilst the Skill Rating may have gone down, the trail is being fully bermed to accommodate super-duper high speed  cornering for those with the legs (and other bits) to do it. I ask that all the guys enjoying the full throttle action remember that during peak periods there are lots of families and youngsters who are struggling to stay upright on this Beginner trail, and the rider in front always owns the trail on Logwood Bike Haven, or any other Cult Cycling Bike Haven.

Paul Cordes from Team IMC Mongoose has some UPDATE INFORMATION on the 2008 season and what it holds for both Yolande Speedy and himself. Even more details to follow.

Andrew Mclean has also promised to fill us all in on how his ABSA Cape Epic Veterans defence training is coming along. Look out for this as soon as Andrew gets back from Sabie, where he also seems to have won the Vets.

We are open on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, as well as New Years Day, but SPECIAL HOURS APPLY.

I hope Santa brings you all the bike bits that were on your list, and look forward to seeing all the new bling.

Till next time, Keep the rubber side down.

Geoff the Aussie.