G'Day Fellow Mountain Bikers,


On the Logwood Bike Haven news side of things, you have probably noticed that there are more and more kids joining our happy tribe of mtb misfits. This no doubt makes you as happy as it does me. What this means is that we have two very different groups using the same trails; big mountain bikers and little mountain bikers.


The little mountain bikers are not always the slow ones!


Because we fully support both groups, Logwood Bike Haven has asked Cult Cycling to undertake a program to make all the trails suitable for both user groups, well nearly all the trails. Dark Side and North Shore will always be off limits to little guys.


You no doubt noticed that Kitchen Sink and 12 Steps have been re-widened to accommodate passing of slower riders, as well as having all the super high speed berms reintroduced despite the Green 2 and Blue 2 ratings (respectively) these trails have. That's so that they are fun for everyone regardless of choosing to ride slowly or at warp factor 7.


This process has almost been completed in Showtime too, and it is faster than it has been in years, with passing space again too.


Organ Grinder is currently closed whilst under going the same treatment. There are however some other things going on in Organ Grinder.


Cult Cycling is testing a new construction technique in association with the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA). As you know, I was a construction Crew Leader in the USA and have maintained a close working relationship with the guys in the States since leaving. In a collaborative effort we are testing a water management technique for a clay based soil (sounds like Africa to me) where high speed corners are required (sounds like Organ Grinder to me). If they pan out as expected, you will find these same methods in the updated for 2009 Trail Solutions from the IMBA. If they don't pan out you will fall down a lot and we will put things back how they were.


There will be a new standard sign that you will start to see around the place in the next couple of weeks that will mark the little kids, or beginner grownups, detour around hair raising crazy stuff (that they can try as their skills and confidence grow). Exciting stuff indeed.


The Wednesday morning "Fat Burning Crank Turning" is now an official Mugg & Bean SuperCycling MTB Club ride. Andrew Mclean and his Race Snakes will still come along and do what Race Snakes do (go very fast) in their snazzy Toyota kit, so you will have a choice of what group you ride with on any given Wednesday morning.


The Fat Burning Crank Turning riders are all FOB's like me. This means we set a steady pace on our selected route in an effort to burn as many calories as we can manage in the time available. This is training as apposed to just messing about riding any old trail.


Andrew's Cycle Lab Race Snakes (and a goodly number of the Muggers) do much the same thing but faster than an FOB can maintain. Us FOB's have noticed that we burn more fat if the cranks are still turning rather than stopped and puking on the side of the trail.


The front doors open at 5.15am (weather permitting, we cancel it if the weather gods don't cooperate) and we drink coffee and make hollow threats of prowess to be displayed till 5.30am when the doors are locked again and all riders take to the trail for their respective workouts. You bail when you need to bail, but showers are on the immediate plans for Logwood Bike Haven so you can wait till after the traffic and arrive at work fresh. Watch this space.


Whilst I personally think both Cycle Lab and Mugg& Bean have great MTB Clubs, I personally couldn't say no to Kit that has "COFFEE POWERED ATHLETE" on the back. This made me a dead certainty as a Mugg & Bean member when riding off road, but I'm a Lab Rat when it comes to the skinny tyres. I think both Clubs contribute monumental amounts to the welfare of cycling in general, and that's good enough for me.


Both Muggers and Beanettes and Lab Rats need to have their current issue kit and current membership card with them (we would prefer you if the were wearing the kit) if you want to take advantage of the 20% discount on entry to Logwood Bike Haven . If you haven't got your Card n Kit, or you are not a member of either of these Clubs, then standard admission rates apply, but you can wear only a helmet if you choose. We won't laugh much! If you think that some story about Alison or Richard not issuing with Card n Kit is going to wash let the record show that these two are on top of their game and are renowned as "ruthless efficiency machines". No Card n Kit, no discount!


You may be wondering about this close relationship between two Clubs that are so intensely competitive on the race track (as displayed at Sunday's Provincial XC Race) with riders from both Clubs preferring to die rather than lose to the other.  It's a simple case of us all being mountain bikers first, before any club was thought about or joined. Where the feathers will really fly this year is at the Cycle Lab Annual Trophy, which is held by M&B at this point.


Speaking of the Provincial, the results with lap splits will be up on the website later today, and I will forward a link to them asap. Well done to Michael Casey and Jason Bezuidenhout who did super well in their age category, and have been selected to represent Gauteng at the 1st National in Cape Town.


Well that's certainly enough from me for now, but be on the look out for the KNOG TUNNEL that will soon be the entrance to Logwood Bike Haven, marking the transition from all things clean and neat to the funky world of mountainbiking, and the expansion program for the Recovery Zone to make it an even cooler place to chill.


Keep the rubber side down,


Geoff the Aussie