G'Day Fellow Mountain Bikers,

It's not exactly a state secret that I like fast dirty girls. This means I'm a self confessed member of the Yolande Speedy Fan Club. The name says it all. Imagine how much faster (unthinkable really) Burry would be if he wasn't a Stander, and was rather a Speedy. It has to make a difference.

So being a self confessed admirer, you could be forgiven for taking anything I have to say about Yolande with a pinch of salt. The only problem with that "bias theory" is that the results speak louder than even a big mouth like me possibly could.

Very few of us ever get to see a race from the perspective of the eventual winner. Lets face it, there's lots of people out there actively trying to stop you experiencing that thrill. If you would like a little voyeuristically tantalising peek into the world at the front of the bunch than check out Yolande's Subaru Sabie Classic review here.

If that's not enough, then have a look at the wonderful world of multi day stage racing through Yolande's eyes at the Subaru Sani 2C.

Speaking of fast girls that like dirt, Dorette Crous has a Women's Specific Design skill clinic scheduled, and you can read all about it here. The particulars of the Kids Clinic are also up on the website.

Richard Beswick and I are still procrastinating about the dates fir the next Mugg & Bean 101 Skills Clinic, and Richard would like to apologise for being so slack (I'm not slack, it's all Richard).

< font face="Times New Roman" color="#000000" size="3">If you would like to spend a week or so being treated to professional ABSA Cape Epic preparation with Yolande Speedy and her international crew of experts (pick me, pick me), or would just like to spoil yourself rotten and get fit and have fun doing it, then you just have to check out what's on offer at . I want to go and hang out without doing the Epic at the end of it.

Andrew Mclean is healing fast. It really is scary how quickly he is getting back on the bike. He seems to be fast at everything. Today was posted as his test ride date to continue with his ABSA Cape Epic training. I'll tell you how he is going next week. Get well soon Andrew.

The Fat Burning Crank Turning at midday last Saturday was spectacular fun. There were some real "ringers" that definitely didn't qualify for Fat Burning like Stuart Carleil and Sean Madden. At least they had the decency to ride to Logwood before joining in!

Despi te the fact that I was broken into tiny little pieces by John "Coffin Dodger" Runciman, a good time was had by all and I think we will give the conga line another go this Saturday at midday again. Consider yourself invited, and hopefully all the fast guys will be down at the SA XC Championships at Cascades.

The Mugg & Bean 24 HR Mountainbike Race has been rescheduled to August 9th and 10th, despite what the M&B website says. I will have all the details of the exciting venue for this monumental party of a race next week. This race will be the 24 HR SA Champs, and the remarkable Solo Winner will win a trip to the USA to represent SA at the World Championships.

I suspect that if Burry wanted to win this he could (yes I'm a member of the Burry Fan Club too), but I think he will be busy with XC racing, Olympic Style, at that time. That means the field is open. Will last year's winner triumph again, or will new blood come to the fore? Time will tell.

Good luck to all the Logwood Bike Haven race snakes who are heading down to Cascades to mix it up in competition for the coveted Green and Gold.

I'll see you at midday for the fat Burning Crank Turning if not before.

Keep the rubber side down.

Geoff the Aussie