G'Day Fellow Mountain Bikers,


I think that we should change Bardy the Action Scribes name to Nostradamus. All his predictions for the Fountains MTN Mazda XC Nationals came true, and the SA Olympic paring of Yolande Speedy and Burry Stander put on a riding display that you would not believe.


Burry lapped all riders in the Pro Elite class up to (and including) 5th place, a first in South African XC history. Lapped riders are removed from the course by the course marshalls.


Yolande just rode away from the opposition, and all the stars were there! She was just WAY too strong.


Bardy the Action Scribe has captured all the action in his elegant prose, and you can get the full story here. If you would like to check the lap times, all the results are posted here.


For an insiders view of the anaerobic power session that is Cross Country MTB racing, check out leading female Mountain Bike racer Yolande Speedy's (IMC Racing) account  from the front of the pack.


The Downhill was not without its ups and downs (hehehe) and you can follow it all with Bardy the Action Scribe.

Bardy has also got some skinny tyre news for us all;

Women on Bikes
Thompson Steps Up (into very large shoes)
SA Blitz Egypt


The trails at Logwood Bike Haven have all had a makeover after the cataclysmic rain storms of the last month. All trails are open, remodelled and dry except Dark Side, and you will not believe what is being done in there, but you will have to wait a little while to see it materialise in the dark depths of the forest.


There are several interesting events coming up, and I'll keep you posted on news as it comes to hand.


Enjoy your weekend, and keep the rubber side down.


Geoff the Aussie