G'Day Fellow Mountain Bikers,

A quick news flash today.

The trail modifications to the section of Zombie Birdhouse that's used in the Juicy Lucy WORCS - Round Two is finished and will be open for test riding on Friday. Expect a lot more berms making the opening section VERY swoopy and cool. Definitely a recipe for disaster for the optimistic (read mountainbiker; it's what separates us from roadies). Chicks dig scars, especially mtb chicks.

Maelstrom has had a shave and a haircut (technical slang for grooming) as well as the addition of two extra berms and lots of barrier tape.

If you are having trouble finding the Sprogs and Sub Junior cats at Online Entries, don't panic. The ever capable Dorette (Dot for those brave enough) will sort it all out on Saturday morning at check in.

Speaking of check in; bad news for John "Coffin Dodger" Runcimann, who is the series winner at the minute in the 50+ cat. Gary Fisher is going to climb on his bike, and Gary won the US road racing Championship before he started the mtb movement. GO JOHN!!! Show him they breed 'em tough as old biltong down south of the equator.

About one tenth of the long awaited Juicy Lucy WORCS - Round One photos have been successfully decoded and uploaded. There are thousands more to come but ya gotta check these out.

Racers can expect a cold beer waiting for them when they come off the track, so bring a meat pack for a huge braai with Gary Fisher. Lets show him some SA hospitality. If your family has a traditional SA dish that they make particularly well, please bring it along to share with Gary and the masses. Honestly, America has got some of the best toys and highest standards of living in the world, but it is full of Americans, who can't braai to save their lives but really appreciate good food and always show fantastic hospitality to visitors.

Please don't let me down on this one, as being a little bit of an Aussie still, I really can't contribute much more than beer.

I'm so excited I'd being wetting the carpet if I was a puppy. We're gunna have a party, we're gunna have a party.

See you Saturday morning at the party, whether your riding or not!

Geoff the Aussie