G'Day Fellow Mountain Bikers,

Due to overwhelming demand, an extra Mugg & Bean Skills 101 has been scheduled for this year. All the details of times and dates are on the website, and all the regular "first in with payment" booking rules apply. If you would like to know what is covered, just check it out here, but suffice to say that you will be equipped to swoop through single track on your mtb like a swallow in spring-time.

The mountainbike trail course for the fantastic Juicy Lucy WORCS - Round 3, has been set. You can check it out on the website and go practise for the big day. Even Gary Fisher flew out here from San Francisco to compete in Round 2. It was such a hoot, despite just a little rain and a little mud. The chicks got the worst of it. What can we say. The weather control knob is busted.

Entries are still open for the Mugg & Bean 24 Hour. Get your team together and lets PARTY. This is lots more than just a race, its more like a Tribal Gathering. Put your war paint on and come along. Richard has promised to do a nude lap on his tandem with all 3 of the Diadora girls.

This weekend set an all time record for rug rats riding at Logwood Bike Haven on both Saturday and Sunday; it seemed to be a case of "spot the rider with a double digit age, or over a metre tall". The next generation of mountain bike riders is alive and well; however the non-riding mum's in the Recovery Zone were seen to be gobbling prozac like Smarties watching the lighties bring back red faced exhausted dads before shooting off again. Remember to let your friends know that if both mum and dad ride, the kids ride free. Ask for a Family Visit.

Logwood Bike Haven's own Dorette Crous has joined the list of featured celebrities on Velo Girl. Check out what they have to say.

It has been confirmed from the mouth of the Great Man himself; the Gary Fisher logo is twin mountains reflected in a still lake. I hope this settles a few arguments. Another news update is that the headset cap that came inscribed with the words "All work and no play is no good at all" is coming back on Fisher Bikes.

Enough from me. Hope your week goes well. Keep the rubber side down.

Geoff the Aussie