G'Day Fellow Mountain Bikers,

Well it certainly was an eventful weekend; that is to say a weekend full of race events. Bardy the Action Scribe was running all over the place to try and cover everything and eventually had to ask for help.The results for the Karoo to Coast and the Hill to Hill are up with a blow by blow description and some stunning pics. In fact the best sports photo of 2007 is shown with Brandon Stewart and Burry Stander sprinting for the finish line after 106 kms of the toughest terrain Africa could throw at them! Melt and Kevin "kept on keeping on" and eventually broke JP in the last couple of kms in the Karoo to Coast, and theres a great pic of Melt storming JP and dropping Kevin and riding off solo. Way to go Melt. U da Man!

The long weekend saw plenty of practice laps for the Juicy Lucy WORCS #1 (the Crank Attack) at Logwood Bike Haven. Entries close for this full throttle day of fun, with the largest cash prizes in the history of SA XC Racing, on Thursday at 11pm. You can ENTER HERE, or take a chance on the day. We may be able to help you out, but maybe not.

To check out your start time just CLICK HERE.

Entrants receive a Juicy Lucy sun peak, and an exceptionally cool T-Shirt free with each entry while stocks last, not to mention a chance to sample some Juicy Lucy smoothies and shakes.

The Mugg & Bean Skills 101 scheduled for October the 6th still has a couple of places left. If you are a Mugg & Bean member your fees will be refunded in cash on the day if you are wearing your Kit and carrying your M&B Membership Card (Card n Kit Event). If you forget either you will pay the same R200 that other non-members pay. For full curriculum details Check This Out.

The photos from the PWC Sports Day are being loaded, and are awesome. Expect the link soon.

Please remind your friends that Logwood Bike Haven will be closed for racing this Saturday the 29th. Even if you aren't racing, come along and braai and enjoy the party whilst all the racers battle it out. Thule, the Rolls Royce of bike racks, have a rack that will be given away to a lucky attendee (racer or spectator), and it is quite possible that you will need to buy a bike to match the quality of the rack (hehehe).

Chat Later,

Geoff the Bionic Blue Pineapple