G'Day Fellow Mountain Bikers,

There is so much "stuff" going on in the mountain bike world at the minute that it is a battle to keep abreast of it all. Bardy the Action Scribe has been flying all over the place helping out with fantastic up dates and photos from all the major races around the country.

You can check out some of them here.

The mens Crater Cruise this year was a fairly spectacular event, and it would seem that it is slowly slowly becoming a real mountain bike event rather than just a road ride on dirt. The race organiser may in fact be a man on a mission to spread the mtb virus. For some really cool shots of the mens action, click here. Andrew Mclean rode right at the front with all the young Pro riders despite being a Vet (and winning that Cat convincingly) right up until he blew completely with 10 kms to go.

I have been promised that Andrew will give us the inside info on his ride. I will send you a link when it comes through. If we are lucky, Ali may have a photo of what a popped Mclean looks like, because it sure is a rare animal and we would all love to see one.

Richard Beswick finished in 11th position despite doing absolutely no training in a display of raw talent. He even managed to hold Burry's wheel for 15 kms or so when Burry was riding back to the front after flatting. As Jonty Doke pointed out, you could tell Richard actually had to dig deep for that position because it's the first time anyone has seen Richard still dirty and staring into the middle distance 2 hours after the race finished, rather than his usual trick of finding a shower where there is none and being changed and fresh when you struggle home.

There are only two weekends of practice left for round two of the Juicy Lucy WORCS. The route for this round is posted on the website so you can learn the best lines. Do not underestimate the value of home ground knowledge. After the astonishing enthusiasm of the junior riders in round one, Juicy Lucy have created added all kids age categories and a special Sprogs course for this round. All Round 1 results and the points pertaining thereto will be carried across, and the up and coming mountain bike hooligans will be able to race for big bucks too. Check it out!

There have been some modifications to the 2nd dropoff on Zombie Long, and the dreaded log that was causing so many folks mental anguish and sleepless nights is now buried. Lots of folks have now mentioned that it is a little too easy now. Please check it out and let me know what you think.

Maelstrom has also seen some modifications, and the four little table top jumps have become the four somewhat longer and higher table top jumps so you won't over jump the down ramp at high speed any longer. The project of berming the entrance run to the middle size and MASSIVE doubles is also nearly complete, and the good news is that they are now also table tops so you can learn to jump them without needing a Ouja Board to chat with your friends afterward.

The Amashovashova event schedule is posted on the website to make sure you turn up to the right place at the right time (mtbers, yeah right) if you are heading down to KZN. There seems to be a lot of talk from KZN about it being the centre of the known universe, but I don't see many of their riders ever leaving home to go ride in other peoples back yards.

Speaking of weekends away, please drop me a mail and tell me what sort of accomodation (on site) you would like if you could go stay on 1000 hectares of mountains with three 80 km loops of single track (with 20km, 40 km, and 60 km cutoffs) as well as fully fledged bike playground and Downhill and Dual Slalom runs. Drive time from Joburg is 3 and a ½ hours at the speed limit with 2 tolls.

Sean Madden has contracted the Big Air Bug after his trip to Whistler (I'm sure Kayn has some pics like this for us now too) and has been kind enough to share his learning curve with us. Check out the CTD (crash test dummy) sequence here.

I'm told that the purple velvet suit that I bought to go out to dinner with Gary Fisher won't be wasted, and that Uncle Gary is coming out to SA a little later (after he gets out of gaol for assaulting immigration officials) in the year. Maybe we can have Gary for Christmas, or maybe it will be early next year. Here's hoping.

See you at practice on the weekend. Keep the rubber side down (unlike Sean).

Geoff the Aussie