G'Day Fellow Mountain Bikers,

 In an incredible display of slackness, I still haven't posted the fantastic photos from the Juicy Lucy WORCS #2 with Gary Fisher himself out there carving it up on the single track. There is more than just PURE slackness involved here. I connect to the internet via Vodafone 3G and the bandwidth during the day is not sufficient to load photos.

 And why, you may ask, don't I just get up at 4am like normal to do it? Well I have been, but then I have gone riding instead. Now that I can actually turn a crank, I just can't seem to resist the urge to do it. Its a terrible affliction this cycling disease we all seem to have. Totally irresponsible.

With the Juicy Lucy WORCS #3 on tomorrow, Logwood Bike Haven will be closed for general riding. Strictly racing and partying only (Saturday 24th of November). Please remind the "under rock dwellers" in your social circle that are likely to have forgotten.

 In the Crater Maker cat of the Juicy Lucy WORCS, the big men have been running their big mouths since the Juicy Lucy WORCS #2. The grand poobah of the Casey Clan, Terrance Casey, has threatened to use his Specialized Stumpjumper to teach Wayne Flood where his pretty Gary Fisher Carbon HiFi  will fit. This sounded so entertaining that I have been carbo loading on Wollies chocolate crunchies and mozarella crisps in order to make the weigh in at 95 kgs tomorrow, but i don't think I will quite make it.

 MY new bike has performed faultlessly since I got it. I haven't even had to adjust the cable tension on the shifters. I am just starting to get used to the SRAM X.0 shifters, but I remain a died in the wool Shimano man. Give me XTR any day, despite the faultless performance.

In spite of my carbo loading and the faultless performance of my fantastic Gary Fisher HiFi Carbon Pro, I think I will have to wait a little while for my racing debut, unless someone holds a race that goes for 12 minutes; cause that's about what my legs have in them, unless its all downhill.

At the opposite extreme of racing (which there seems to be an awful lot of nowadays), there is the Mugg & Bean 24 Hour Party (with a small bike race featured) at Northern Farm next weekend. If you havent got your 24Hr Team organised yet, then ride it solo as punishment. REGISTER HERE. All of South Africa's top bands are playing, and after we heard about the nude promo girls and free FOX T-Shirts, Richard Beswick and I have taken our commentary show on the road from Logwood's Juicy Lucy WORCS to generally abuse all racers at Northern Farm. Be there, or have no friends!

 Bardy the Action Scribe has been as busy as ever, but I have been too busy riding to get the links in place. My apologies. I will stop riding and do it now (hehehe). Luckily it is all stuff dealing with monumental changes in the cycling scene for next year, and will be just as relevant on Monday as today.

 The opening hours over the Christmas period are on the website. Logwood will be open everyday, but check the times.

 See you at the Juicy Lucy WORCS party tomorrow, keep the rubber side down.

 Geoff the Aussie