G'Day Fellow Mountain Bikers,

Being Friday morning, it's time to remind you that you have an urgent appointment to come to Logwood Bike Haven this afternoon on your Mtb and practice the route for the second race in the Juicy Lucy WORCS series. This one will be a hoot too (although it hasn't been decided if we will have free beer again), and I can't wait to watch Bryce Pienaar slaughter the egos of all the pro riders yet again. Look for a big showing from Michael Casey too, as I believe the head of the infamous Casey Clan has sold the household TV to buy Michael a new chain for his mountain bike with instructions not to break it while racing this time.

If you haven't registered yet just click here now and get to it.

To check out the dates and the start times just click here. To help out those time challenged folks we hold the prize giving at the conclusion to each event so that they can toddle off and get on with the day. Racers are required to pick up numbers 60 minutes before start time to ensure they get a good case of nerves whilst they warm up.

It would appear that the kids really love Cross Country Mountain Bike Racing, and Juicy Lucy have extended the age categories to include Youth and Sprogs. All points so far accrued will be carried over.

The photos from the First Round of the Juicy Lucy WORCS will be posted soon. I'm experiencing some technical difficulties accessing the disc they are on, and our intrepid photographer is in Switzerland riding his Mtb.

Speaking of good photos, I have a couple taken by Wayne Hayward from RIDE MAG of the most blown Andrew Mclean you are ever likely to see this side of the grave. Andrew was kind enough to tell us all what it felt like to look this popped, which may be a new experience to him, but I spend most of my time on a mountain bike looking just like this. It wont be too long before I move up to the Coffin Dodger (50+) category for racing, and I can't wait to get away from Mclean. That man is way too fast for a bionic old ex cripple to take on during an attempt to make a comeback to mountain bike racing. Check Wayne's pics out, the "before" shot is scary; the "after" shot is funny (and somewhat reassuring).

I have a copy of the 2008 CSA MTB Racing Calendar that I will post on the website under UPCOMING EVENTS with some help from Russell my website fundi. This will help you plan your year in 2008 with trips away to your favourite spots. But be warned, you may have a new favourite mountain bike trail very soon. More will be revealed.

The Mugg & Bean 24 Hour is looming, and they have gone all out this year to make it the best 24 hour in history. I think that means the Diadora Girls will be there again, but wearing less than usual (cobwebs).

Given that Mugg & Bean is catering for the Little Muggers to race this year I am supposing that the rug rats will be gone by the time the girls arrive.

Have a look at the FAQ page that M&B have put together so that you can find out all about 24 hour Mountain Bike Racing, along with all the details on the Little Muggers Mountain Bike Race.

Keep the rubber side down.

Geoff the Aussie