G'Day Fellow Mountain Bikers,


Mountain Biking was for a very long time the sole province of the weird and wonderful fringe dwelling element of cycling. I believe this has given us a tribal base culture of tolerance toward the oddities of others, and is what has made us strong and encouraged the growth of our section of cycling to now rival Road Riding.


Viva la differance!


Whilst I am glad Mountain Bikers are no longer the red-headed step children of cycling, I think that given the large numbers of our Tribe that had their roots in BMX, it's a shame that BMX now seems to be that poor Cinderella type of family member. Did you know that a South African is currently ranked number 6 in Europe? Read all about it here.


The Two Wheeled Gladiators are taking to the field again this weekend, and if you haven't seen these winged gods of Mountain Bike racing zoom around single track at warp factor 7, please do yourself a favour and shoot up to Fountains in Pretoria and check out all the Pre-Olympic action. You just won't believe it. Bardy the Action Scribe has some speculation about the results as he sees it, and some interviews with our two Olympians.


It's only a couple of months and you'll be screaming your lungs out for Burry and Yolande on the TV, so let them know how much we love them NOW and appreciate all their hard work in preparing to do SA proud.


The Crank Turning contingent from Garmin have been at it again, and have got a two day stage race lined up for you. Check out the website for all the details at:


The prize money at this event is "stupidly generous", and we all know that it's about the ride not the dough, but what the heck, a few sheckles for chain lube is always good.



Logwood Bike Haven has had a big trim up, and it is now only the beginning section of Zombie Birdhouse that remains closed, as well as Dark Side which is getting a full makeover to make it ride-able for real people instead of winged monkeys.


The Clubhouse renovations are still "work in progress" and we appreciate your continuing patience.


Come for the Friday Arvo Follies, and bring sundowners for after!


Keep the rubber side down,


Geoff the Aussie