G'Day Fellow Mountainbikers,


It was a fantastic Saturday of single track mtb riding at Logwood Bike Haven, and Sunday saw the start of the canoe races on Kitchen Sink. After mentioning the wilting wildlife, the weather gods saw fit to send the next 4 years rain on Sunday in a 15 minute period. Logwood recorded 70mm of rainfall in that period and INSIDE the Clubhouse nearly went under water.


Combined with the previous two days of heavy rain, that was pretty much the end of all sports activity at Logwood except for swimming and mud wrestling (for Richard B).


Dorette Crous has two fantastic Skills Clinics coming up this month. The first is tailor made to the needs and learning methods of children, and you can check out all the details of the Kids 101 here.


The second is the famous Women's Only 101 that Richard B and I have been trying to get an invite to for 2 years (to no avail). This is a special learning environment for the fairer sex, without any distraction provided by us blokes. All the details are on the website which you can reach by the link above.


As soon as we get on top of the steroid-like growth that the rains have brought on all the other trails this year, you can expect to see a modification of the Dark Side to make it a little more fun for humans (as apposed to monkeys) and then a new trail that will have some gravity assisted access to some bridges that don't require a parachute.


My black and shrivelled little Australian heart has been gladdened by the huge amounts of kids that are enjoying Logwood Bike Haven lately, both with and without their parents. It looks like we have a new batch of World Champions coming through that don't need anything more than two wheels and legs to have great fun.


The same heart is also gladdened by the number of families taking advantage of the Family Visit rate. In an effort to blackmail everyone onto a bike, Logwood Bike Haven is free for the kids in the family if Mom and Dad are both riding when they visit.


The Recovery Zone is coming in for a re-vamp and expansion too. More lawn, more tables and chairs, more shade, more hammocks, more viewing areas of riders on the trails, more rest and relaxation with a picnic or braai in between frantic bouts of pedalling up a storm.


Welcome back to work, keep the rubber side down.


Geoff the Aussie