By Bardy the Action Scribe

South African champion Burry Stander came out to play at the Pick ‘n Pay Asishove mountain bike race outside Durban on Saturday – and he had a ball! The Mr Price GT rider had little trouble in winning the 43km race, the inaugural mountain bike event, which forms part of the Pick ’n Pay Amashovashova Cycling Festival.

Burry makes a big splash mountain bike racing.

Stander took the lead from the start and after the first long climb was already in command with only John Paul Pearton (Mazda Merida) and Rourke Croeser (Mongoose Red) within striking distance.

Stander went on to extend his lead and clocked a fast one hour, 53 minutes and 42 seconds, one of just four riders able to break two hours on the tough course. Pearton finished second in 1:57:42 with Croeser, the super-talented, 16-year-old, claiming the final podium spot in 1:59:06.

More than 300 participants tackled the lush green hills of KwaZulu-Natal at the Asishove mountain bike race just outside Durban on Saturday.

“I started off really hard but when I saw I had quite a big lead I tapped off a bit and just enjoyed the amazing course,” said Stander, who recently finished sixth at the Under-23 world cross-country championships. “I think the Asishove has big future and it was great to be a part of it from the start.”

“I stayed within sight of Burry for the about the first half of the race and then decided to ease off a bit as I could see it was going to be almost impossible to catch him,” said Pearton, winner of last weekend’s prestigious 100km Colorpress Crater Cruise.

Former multiple Rapport Tour winner, Robbie McIntosh was wearing his race-face at the Asishove mountain bike race on Saturday. McIntosh finished second in the Master’s category.

Christi Pienaar (Fritz Pienaar Cycles) won the battle for the women’s title in a respectable 2:28:16. She was more than four minutes ahead of Samantha Oosthuysen (Cbist) with Catherine Roberts rounding out the podium places.

The Asishove also doubled as the final event in the Fritz Pienaar National Half-marathon Series with Croeser and Caitlin de Wet (Mongoose Red), who was fifth overall on Saturday, confirming their men and women’s overall series titles respectively.

The Asishove started and finished at Giba Gorge Mountain Bike Park and took in a loop through the neighbouring Shongweni area, giving the more than 300 participants a generous sampling of spectacular lush coastal scenery.

Clear skies and a moderate wind greeted the riders who had to contend with a muddy course following a few days of coastal rain. There was also a 26km fun ride and a 6km kids ride, both of which were well supported.

Asishove 43km mountain bike race
20 October 2007
Leading results:

1 Burry Stander (Mr Price GT) 01:53:42
2 John Paul Pearton (Mazda Merida) 01:57:35
3 Rourke Crouser (Mongoose Red) 01:59:06
4 Sean Merridew (BMC) 01:59:07
5 Richard Beswick (Jeep Mugg & Bean) 02:01:59
6 Bryce Munro (Fritz Pienaar Cycles) 02:02:31
7 Andrew Hill 02:04:23
8 Shaun-Nick Bester (Harmony Cycling) 02:06:23
9 Fritz Pienaar (Mazda Merida) 02:08:23
10 Collin Coubrought 02:08:50

1 Rourke Crouser (Mongoose Red) 01:59:06
2 Shaun-Nick Bester (Harmony Cycling) 02:06:23
3 Ryan Garret 02:24:37

1 Jac Johann Steyn 02:13:18
2 Bert Pauw 02:44:05
3 Timothy Munro 02:50:15

1 Bryce Munro (Fritz Pienaar Cycles) 02:02:31
2 Bruce Malele 02:15:13
3 Quintin Harcombe 02:29:45

1 Burry Stander (Mr Price GT) 01:53:42
2 John Paul Pearton (Mazda Merida) 01:57:35
3 Sean Merridew (BMC) 01:59:07

1 Fritz Pienaar (Mazda Merida) 02:08:23
2 Freddie Pienaar 02:11:04
3 Daniel Paul 02:14:41

1 Collin Coubrought 02:08:50
2 Nick Bester (Harmony Cycling) 02:24:40
3 Gary Collard 02:27:48

1 Rob Hamlyn 02:29:14
2 Robbie McIntosh 02:35:24
3 Dennis Lawrie 02:36:12

1 Jaap van Wyk 03:08:32
2 Richard Johnson 03:12:18
3 Martin White 03:38:39

1 Christi Pienaar (Fritz Pienaar Cycles) 02:28:16
2 Samantha Oosthuysen (Cbist) 02:32:24
3 Catherine Roberts 02:34:31
4 Shawna Thunder 02:34:44
5 Caitlin de Wet (Mongoose Red) 02:39:42
6 Helen Gibbings 02:40:58
7 Beatrice Hogan 02:43:56
8 Laetitia Botha 02:44:43
9 Genee Steyn 02:45:12
10 Amoryn Saayman 02:46:50

1 Caitlin de Wet (Mongoose Red) 02:39:42
2 Michelle Corbett 03:11:43

1 Genee Steyn 02:45:12

1 Samantha Oosthuysen (Cbist) 02:32:24
2 Laetitia Botha 02:44:43
3 Amoryn Saayman 02:46:50

1 Christi Pienaar (Fritz Pienaar Cycles) 02:28:16
2 Catherine Roberts 02:34:31
3 Shawna Thunder 02:34:44

1 Helen Gibbings 02:40:58
2 Sandy Bosman 02:52:45
3 Michelle Muller 03:12:26

1 Ann Pearton 03:12:44
2 Sally Mawson 03:22:11

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