Trek/VW's Schnell Wins All-Mountain World Championship Aboard Remedy


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Racing aboard an all-new for 2008 Trek Remedy, Trek/VW team rider “Rad” Ross Schnell won this year’s 13th annual Downieville Classic All-Mountain Race, setting two course records and taking home World Championship honors in the process.

"Downieville’s no longer a one-horse town,” said “Rad” Ross, commenting on a performance that might finally put to rest the bragging of three-time All-Mountain Champ Jason Moeschler and seven-time Downhill Champ Mark Weir. Several other high profile athletes pulled up to the start line—including Brian Lopes, Myles Rockwell, Andreas Hestler and Kurt Voreis—in a quest to claim the prestigious title.

“It was never the intention of Trek/VW to go crash the locals’ party,” noted Trek/VW Race Team Manager Zack Vestal. “Local riders Mark Wier and Jason Moeschler are fantastic athletes who have made the Downieville race their specialty. But with the introduction of our brand new Remedy we feel we have a great new bike that’s perfectly suited to this format, and we have great athletes in Ross and Sue [Haywood].  We simply wanted to put our bikes and riders up against theirs.”

A two-day mountain bike stage race that combines the times from both a 29-mile point-to-point cross country race and a 17-mile downhill race, the Downieville Classic All-Mountain Race requires racers to use the exact same bike with the exact same components for both events. Because it encompasses both XC and DH disciplines and traverses such diverse terrain—all on the same bike—Downieville’s All-Mountain event has earned a reputation for crowning North America’s best all-around mountain bike racer, as well as distinguishing the best all-around mountain bike on the market.

Schnell tackled the XC and DH race courses aboard a 29.74 lb Remedy, winning the XC event by two minutes (setting a new course record) and winning the DH race by nearly a minutes (setting another new course record).

“It was fun coming away with a couple of wins and a couple of course records,” noted Schnell. “It was a stacked field with a bunch of big-hitting riders. A lot of guys came out of retirement for this one. The record course run [in the DH event] feels good because I started 43rd and had to pass nine guys. I ate dust the whole run, but I did it. I’m so stoked.”

Asked about the performance of this race bike, Schnell sang the Remedy’s praises: “The Remedy was sick. It pedals so well for such a long-travel bike. And obviously it descends amazingly well. It was the perfect set-up.”

“Rad” Ross’s All-Mountain World Championship Remedy Set-up:

Drivetrain, pedals, and brakes: Shimano XTR
Suspension Fork: RockShox Lyric (60 psi)
Rear Shock: RockShox Monarch 4.2  (125 psi)
Tires: Bontrager Jones ACX 2.35 tubeless ready, center knobs on the rear clipped off.  25 psi front, 27 rear.
Handlebar, Stem, Seatpost, and Saddle:  Bontrager Race X Lite
Wheels:  Bontrager Rhythm Elite, rear custom built with Bontrager Race X Lite hub; front stock with 20mm thru axle
Grips: ESI