There are some things that are just plain common sense, and there are other things that are acts of kindness and consideration for others riders (commonly known as trail etiquette) and there are some things that will add to your personal Mountainbiking experience.

The following is a fairly comprehensive list of all of them. If you can think of any we have missed please send us an email and let us know!

  • Directional signage must be followed at all times. All riders need total confidence that there will be no fool coming the other way on fantastic twisty single track.
  • Read the signs at the trail entrance before you enter a trail (you know the big white thing with writing on it that you ride under…about a meter square…easy to miss!) and know the meaning of the Skill Level Ratings and have a realistic idea (as opposed to totally optimistic idea) of your own skill level.
  • Ride within your skill level. The philosophy behind riding single track trail revolves around not Dabbing (see Glossary of MTB Terms) and going as fast as you are able (with mandatory silly grin), as the trails are best experienced at an minimum average speed of 12KPH on your bike computer.
  • Once you start on a single track loop there is no going back. Enter at the entrances and exit at the exits (I mean duh!). This is true even in the event of mechanical breakdown, flat tyres or accident that leaves you walking.
  • Do not leave the trail tread for ANY reason. This means crossing from one trail to another, or going around something you don’t want to ride. Have a look at the point above. If you don’t think you can ride a trail feature, then you probably can’t and shouldn’t, but if you went into the trail under your own steam we expect you to leave the same way even if that means walking.
  • If you must walk any area of a trail then please step to the side when riders come past still on the bike.
  • On single track, the rider in front has right of way as long as they are on the bike and riding.
  • If you want to overtake a slower rider then make your intention known and then wait for an area where it is safe and practical to do so. The responsibility for accomplishing this maneuver in a non-threatening way rests with the overtaking rider. This is standard NORBA philosophy.
  • Cycling helmets must be worn at all times.
  • Wearing of protective eyewear is strongly recommended.
  • Depending on the type of riding you are doing, please ensure that you are wearing adequate protective gear for that discipline.
  • Keep out of the water in the dam. There are things in there that scare PUKKY and RED, and will no doubt eat your little pink bits (fingers and toes and stuff) given the first opportunity!
  • Removal or moving of any trees, obstacles or objects of any nature, in or around the park is strictly forbidden. This means that we will have a complete sense of humour failure if you build a trail feature where you think one should be, or remove one that isn’t to your taste.
  • Don’t stop on the single track and have a fat chat! Keep going to the trail exit and have a post-mortem on the Main Drag where other folks can get past your lazy butt.
  • The Perimeter Fence is electrified for your protection, and it is turned on 24 / 7. This thing hurts like you can’t imagine if you touch it…which is enough to encourage any true mtber to try it. We had one group who were having competitions to see who could hold it for the most number of seconds until Chubb Security turned up to take them all away.
  • Don’t even think about crossing any barrier tape anywhere on the Bike Haven ever…no matter what. We are really serious about this. In fact don’t even cross barrier tape at places other than the Bike Haven. We have a thing about barrier tape, and we are watching you always.
  • No attempt should be made to move an injured rider on the course – call emergency services (like 082 911) or notify the staff member on duty at the clubhouse to do so.
  • No Smoking. No Smoking. No Smoking. If you need a fag then the car park is the only place, and if we start finding cigarette butts on the ground up there we will ban it there as well. A Mountainbike Park is like Virgin Extremely Active. You wouldn’t think about having a smoke at the gym so please don’t think about having one here either.
  • It is considered impolite to hide in the bushes and jump out and hit someone riding past on the head with a big stick. Hitting them with a small stick will probably just make them cross enough to hit you back, so we don’t advise that either!
  • Fully enclosed footwear must be worn at all times. No toes showing!
  • The only way to enter or leave Logwood Bike Haven is through the Clubhouse, and only Annual Plates may be taken past the Clubhouse doors.
  • If you are participating in Night Rides adequate lighting must be carried on the bars and the helmet. No candles allowed.

If you would like some tips on how to ride berms and humps and other trail features just go to the REGISTER button and grab a password. It’s free and then you will access menus that you cannot see now with text, pictures and video instruction.