By Adele Tait (Absit Invidia, but also esteemed Editor of RIDE MAG)

Every time I am so careless as to touch the tar on a bike, I am struck by the fact that motorists in general don't appear to be aware of the fact that bicycles are traffic, that the law makes provision for what is legislated as "pedal cycles" to be on the road, and that other road users are obliged to accord them every consideration they would a car, truck or motorcycle.

A spate of fatal or near-fatal incidents involving cars or trucks and bicycles (no truck or car drivers or passengers were even slightly injured) had a concerned cycling citizen from Gauteng lobbying for permission to erect W309 signs in the south of Johannesburg, where a number of these incidents had occurred.

The sign in question is known as the “Beware Cyclists” sign, and I have three objections to it: First, the name. What do they mean: “Beware Cyclists”? We are not irrational intruders, like under-age school children or cattle. Second, no budget is available, so if you want such a sign in the places where you ride, you have to carry the costs yourself. Third, it is not eye-catching enough... the woman driving the bakkie which knocked me off my bike in Greenside they other day stopped and came to pick me up. "I'm so sorry I didn't see you!" WHAT? If she missed all 60 something Kg of gleaming metal, plastic, carbon and garishly coloured lycra flesh, I doubt she's going to notice that tasteful red triangle with the bicycle inside. This calls for more extreme measures, and better weather!

one can't help but wonder if a motorist missed the large red triangle, did they notice the small dark one more easily
(With grateful acknowledgement of Sky news, who published these photographs of cycling participants in a UK anti-pollution rally.)