Calling Athletes!

Do you feel bound up and tight in your body? Are you constantly fighting off injuries? Have you heard about the performance improving qualities of yoga? I am a runner and my husband is riding the Cape Epic, together we both experience the benefits that yoga provides for our sports.

What are your goals? Improving your golf swing, reaching the crack that alludes you on your unconquered climbing route, shaving time off your 94.7 or just trying to remain uninjured so you can finally run Comrades. Yoga can assist you reach all these goals.

After your training on Saturday November 10th, join us at 3pm at Yoga Warrior's studio in Rosebank to experience the edge that yoga can make to you moving beyond your usual boundaries and hurdles. Within the 1 hour class you will learn yoga techniques that you can easily include in your training programme to witness acceleration in your performance.

I will teach the class from you knowing NOTHING though people who have done yoga and who want to understand which postures would compliment their particular sport are welcome also. For more details of why you should attend the class click here:

The class will cost R60.

After the class, if this is your first time at the studio, you will have the option to buy Yoga Warrior’s introductory special of R100 for your 1st 10 consecutive days in the studio.

What are some of the benefits of yoga?

Yoga creates spaciousness in the body and mind and can feel like the best present you’ve given yourself for a long long time:

  • Explore the lengthening of your muscles that have tightened from overworking them in your other sports like golf, cycling, running etc.
  • Watch how your performance improves in your favourite sports as yoga strengthens all the tendons and ligaments around those overworked muscles, providing you with 15% more power.
  • Cultivate a toned, strong and flexible body from regularly attending yoga.
  • Enjoy the stress-relieving qualities of yoga as tension diminishes in your body and mind.

To register for the class, please contact us by email.

Many thanks and hope to see you on the 10th.