Technical College - Presented by Shimano

Venue: Toyota MTN Cycle Park

Date:    Saturday 31st October 2009

Time:    08:00 AM till 12:00 Noon

Cost:    R350 per person


The Technical College will be conducted by the 3 best cycle technicians in the country.

Wayne Flood is Team Mechanic for several  overseas MTB Teams when racing in South Africa, as well as wrenching for some of the South Africa’s hottest local race snakes.

Stephen Tyson and Jade Mynhaardt are both Technical Officers at Shimano South Africa with experience in the Pits at both National and International events, including the hurley burley of World Cup XC, DH and 4X.

As we all know, anything with moving parts requires maintenance at some point, and things with two wheels seem to need something more like Tender Loving Care (TLC) to get the very best out of them.



  The philosophy of Part A of Technical College _ Presented by Shimano is really damage control. We are concerned here with things you do to your bike with the very best of intentions that ruin it prematurely.


Things that we will address in Part A include:


  • Glossary of Terms (Correct and Slang)
  • Drive Train
    • Cleaning (how and when)
    • Wear Diagnostics (how and when)
  • Washing your Frameset
  • Brakes
    • Cleaning
    • Wear Diagnostics
  • Bearings
  • Saddle
    • Shell
    • Rails
    • Clamp
  • Pedals


Part B will concentrate mostly on adjustments and minor service items. This is the sort of stuff that every cyclist (mountain biker or road) should know.


  • Rear Derailleur Cable
    • Installation (inner and outer)
    • Adjustment
  • Front Derailleur Cable
    • Installation (inner and outer)
    • Adjustment
  • Disc Brake
    • Lever Travel
    • Centring
  • V-Brake
    • Lever Travel
    • Centring
    • Return Spring Tension
    • Cable pull tension
  • Headset Bearing Tension
  • Puncture Repair
    • Tube
    • Tubeless


Part C is where we go into the world of Trailside Repairs and Performance Diagnostics. Trailside repairs are all the things to do that will get you home when the only alternative is to walk. Performance Diagnostics are the things to listen for or look for that will either aid your Bike Shop Mechanic to do the work, or help you to ascertain that continuing to ride will not make a small annoying noise in a huge expensive noise.


  • Creaks
    • Bottom Bracket
    • Stem/Bar
    • Seat Post
    • Saddle Clamp
    • Pedal Bearing
    • Crank Arm
    • Cleat/Shoe
    • Rear Suspension Pivots
    • Headset Bearings
    • Headset Clamp
  • Flat Tyres
    • Tubeless Flats
    • Conventional Flats
    • Snake Bite Flats
    • No Tube
    • No Choice
  • Broken Chain
  • Broken Gear Cable
  • Broken Derailleur Hanger



SEND WAYNE A MAIL  and he will reply with banking details. When you deposit the funds get the bank to send the “Proof of Payment” thingy via email. Wayne will send confirmation of receipt and confirm your spot.