The following photos were sent to me by an avid mountainbiking sicko, and as such we are assuming that he has the copyright ownership and permission is granted to post them on the Cult Cycling Website.

This first little gem is perfect proof of why we all wear helmets, and why those that don't are a dying breed.

Why is it that the shallow end of the gene-pool is the most active on the procreation scale ?

And then for all the optimistic guys who want to say that "Come on man, I'm not doing anything dangerous, I'm just riding along" we have this classic example of JRA.

Another 2 seconds and it wont matter if that protective tea towel on this fools head is made of isn't a helmet.

And for those who are thinking that it is only idiots jumping off humungous stuff on bicycles, or other idiots riding super-bikes that are in danger, we have this classic from the peloton, just showing that out Roady Cousins have their own challenges, and nothing short of staying home was going to save this poor fool.

Definitely not for sissies

And whilst we all know tht growing up with huge amounts of hormones coursing through the bloodstream is tough and trouble-some, this is why helmets are not meant to be a fashion statement, but rather to perform to save your backside (or face as the case may be).

Keep the rubber side down, and the talky-looky part well covered

Now you may well be starting to think that anything with two wheels is way too dangerous to undertake, helmet or none, but these two visitors to Logwood Bike Haven are a couple of single track fiends who would disagree with you. Common sense may have something to do with it, and we all know that is soluable in testosterone.

Common sense equals fun, these two angels arn't scared of Logwood Bike Haven or their bikes

And if you think that sports only requiring one ball are the safe way to go, the photo underneath makes it clear that even spectating is dangerous

Please note how Mr Cool hasn't even lifted his hand in protection.

Mountain Bikers are, as a Tribe, not prone to destruction of the environment or cruelty to animals large or small. The shot below shows what happens to bullies who torment big black bulls and try to kill them slowly for sport. You could't measure my sympathy levels with a spectrograph. I hope it really hurts when this guy gets caught.

I hope the bull is as good as running on water as the fool in front of him

The moral to the story is, " Always wear a helmet, and don't do anything where a hemet won't save your bacon"