This part of the riding experience is just a matter of finding the payment option that suits your riding pattern. Credit Card facilities are available for your convenience


Single Visit             R50 


If you’ve never been to Toyota MN Cycle Park before then this would be your best first visit option to check the place out. This option is also suitable for the rider who only climbs onto his Mountainbike once or twice a month.




4 Visit Card              R150    (valid for 3 months)

10 Visit Card            R300    (valid for 6 months)

20 Visit Card            R550    (valid for 12 months)

Early Bird Card        R100     (10 visits, valid for 6 months, entry before 9am Mon - Fri only)

These are for the rider who has been to Toyota MTN Cycle Park and has enjoyed his ride enough to guarantee the need for more purpose built Single Track!



Holders of Multi Visit Cards and Annual Plates can also buy Visitors Cards for R300 that allow you to bring family and friends with you for the same rates as normal Multi Visit Cards. You will need to accompany your visitor for them to ain access...thats how they are your visitor!

When you purchase a Multi Visit Card you are logged into the computer at reception and your photograph and indemnity are recorded permanently. No more signing in!

Visits are deducted from your card each visit.

Visitors Card:

This works exactly the same way as Multi Visit Card and comes in 10 Visit denominations at the same rates as the stanadard cards. Where it starts to become different is that these cards are only available for sale to those who already hold Multi Visit Cards or Annual Plates themselves, and are valid for 2 years. Purchase of these special Cards allows the primary card holder to bring guests with them to Toyota MTN Cycle Park to share their riding pleasure. Great for family members who only come sometimes and friends from out of town.

Each Guest will need to sign an indemnity form each visit.

Annual Plate:              Paid in Full                 R1995 

For the truly dedicated rider this is the “no-brainer” option.



Kids BMX Club:        R100    (unlimited access for the month-conditions apply)

Corporate Packages


In order to do our part to introduce health and fitness into the workplace, packages are available for companies. Just contact us and we will put something together to suit your specific requirements.


School Sports and Extra Curricular Clubs


Toyota MTN Cycle Park makes a perfect venue for your child to participate in safe Cycling Programs with all their school friends. If you would like toyour childs school to  participate in programs like this please contact us and we will see if we can help you organise it through your child’s school.