TREAD Skills 101 - The Curriculum


Skills Clinic 101

1. Bike Sizing and Fit

    a. The Correct Frame for You

            i. Size

            ii. Intended Use

    b. The Adjustable Parts

            i. Crank Arms

            ii. Foot Position

            iii. Saddle Height

            iv. Rail Clamps

            v. Stem Height

            vi. Stem Length

            vii. Bar Width


It's not all pedalling

2. Interacting with Your Bike

    a. The Anchor Points

    b. The Cone of Movement

    c. The Attack Position

    d. Balance: Track Stands and slow races


Just can't keep Richard off his bike

3. Pedal Circles

4. The Magic Elastic

But its not all sitting down either

5. Gear Shifting

    a. Where

    b. When


Still cant get Richard off his bike

6. Tyre Traction

    a. Tread Type

    b. Profile Shape

Its all in the wridt action

7. Braking

    a. Where and when


Simon says "I Love it Fast"

8. Cornering

    a. Reading the surface

    b. Braking

    c. Shifting your weight to suit

    d. Exit gear selection


Doing everything right...almost

9. Climbing

    a. Long and gradual

            i. In the Saddle

            ii. Out of the Saddle

    b. Short and steep


Chicks are good students...they actually listen

10. Descending

    a. Long and gradual

    b. Short and steep


11. Broken Ground


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